Rihanna kidnaps woman and gets bloody BAD in EXPLICIT Bitch Better Have My Money video

*Warning explicit throughout*

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by Maria Vallahis |
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Rihanna is back doing what she does best – being the total queen of badassery – as she dropped the music video for Bitch Better Have My Money this morning.

In the video, it looks like Rihanna’s “accountant” has stolen all her money leaving her with less than $420 (£270) in the bank. Uh oh, we know from her Pour It Up video, she likes her mulla, which means trouble be a brewing.

This causes Ri-Ri to seek revenge by stealing The Accountant’s lady friend.


And as she's a very popular lass, we always expect some sort of special appearance from a Rihanna video and this is no exception, as it features The Dark Knight's Eric Roberts and Hannibal's Mads Mikkelsen.

In true Ri-Ri style there’s ample nudity, money, bare backsides and this time we think the 27-year-old, bad gal may have brought out her most adventurous music video BY FAR.

The Bajan beauty continues to portray her party lifestyle, however this time with a dark-bloody ego and WE LIKEY this character. A lot.

To be honest after watching the seven-minute vid – we’re now a little bit scared of Rihanna and wouldn’t be surprised if she landed herself a very good lead role in a thriller or something after this.

Also as a precaution - don’t ever take/owe Rihanna money. It will end in a lethal way.

You’ve definitely excelled yourself to the maximum this time Robyn.

Plus we love the track’s urban vibe.

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