Roxanne Pallett threatens to leave ANOTHER TV show

It's not been a good year for her

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Despite dubbing herself 'the most hated person in Britain' it seems that former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Roxanne Pallett just can't stay out of the limelight. Not only did we have the whole 'Punchgate' saga on Celebrity Big Brother, she took part in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls and only lasted five days.

Now, the reality TV star has apparently threatened to leave a THIRD TV show, Celebrity Ghost Hunt.

Celebrity Ghost Hunt sees host Rylan Clark-Neal join some celebrities as they have to detect a ghostly presence, but whilst the other celebrities, TOWIE's Diags and Love Island star Georgia Harrison, are 'OK' with their task, Roxanne, who appears to be very frightened stays with Rylan and says, "I can’t cope. I’ve had enough."

Then, as the lights on a device which can detect a 'presence' begin to blink, Roxanne says again, "I can’t cope. I’ve had enough.

"Guys I’ve really had enough. I’m not f--king about here. I’ve had enough. It’s back and I’m leaving, I need to go now."

As the team then explore a bathroom the former Emmerdale actress is still not happy saying, "I don’t like it. It’s making me feel really upset. I’ve just got this really bad energy."

However, despite her reservations Roxanne continues with Georgia inside the building.

Roxanne recently branded herself the "most hated girl in Britain" after she accused Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas of 'punching' her in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Take a look at the most explosive Celebrity Big Brother arguments ever:


The most explosive Celebrity Big Brother arguments ever

Gemma Collins and Tiffany Pollard1 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Gemma Collins and Tiffany Pollard

Gemma Collins and Tiffany Pollard struck up an unlikely friendship at the beginning of series 17, but things soon turned sour over 'Shoe Gate'. After GC lent Tiffany her shoes and then took them back, Tiffany went crazy after Gemma accused her of 'knocking the stones out with her big feet". The argument led to one of the most memorable diary room entries, when Tiffany went in hard on the former TOWIE star, calling her a 'fat c***'.

Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty2 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty

It's still one of the most talked about CBB moments of all time, but Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty's turbulent relationship all started over a chicken-stock cube!Yes, that's right. Shilpa wasn't happy with Jade and the rest of the housemates for using all of the stock cubes up, despite them being the 'only object' she ordered on the shopping list. Their disagreement continued throughout the whole series, with Channel 4 being forced to make a number of on-air apologies for showing 'racist footage'.

Kim Woodburn and Nicola McClean3 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Kim Woodburn and Nicola McClean

When Kim Woodburn entered the CBB house in 2016, it was clear to see she had VERY strong opinions about things... which didn't always go down well with her fellow housemates.After a few days, Nicola and Kim had an explosive argument in the bedroom with Kim calling Nic a "horrible, horrible girl", leaving Nicola in tears in the diary room.

Kim Woodburn and Jamie O'Hara4 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Kim Woodburn and Jamie O'Hara

Following on from her argument with Nicola, Kim later continued her rant with former footballer Jamie O'Hara, with Jamie branding her a "bully". Kim later got personal, shouting, "GO AWAY YOU ADULTERER", before swiftly being removed by security.

Jedward and Calum Best5 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Jedward and Calum Best

Irish twins Jedward and Calum Best didn't exactly see eye to eye in the CBB house, but one of their explosive arguments will go down in the show's history. When Jedward accidentally walked into the bathroom when Nicola McClean was getting changed, Calum tried to resolve the situation calmly... but he only made matters worse!After John saw red and started to shout abuse at Nicola, Calum said, "Take some f****** notes, you don't approach a woman like that. Grow up! F**k you yeah! I was your buddy and now I'm not. Be respectful."

Leslie Jordan and Gary Busey6 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Leslie Jordan and Gary Busey

Hollywood actor Gary Busey more or less had a disagreement with every single one of his housemates before he eventually won CBB in 2014. But one of the most explosive in the series was when he had an argument with Leslie Jordan over what CGI stood for. While Gary said the G stood for 'graphics', Leslie was insistent it was short for 'generated'.But this was just the start of their argument, with Leslie laying into Gary over his behaviour in the house.

Katie Hopkins and Alicia Douvall7 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Katie Hopkins and Alicia Douvall

When Alicia Douvall thought it would be a good idea to hide bananas from the rest of the house in 2015, Katie Hopkins called her out on it, saying, "That's not gonna work, babes. You can't be putting bananas aside. This isn't the war years."

Julie Goodyear and Coleen Nolan8 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Julie Goodyear and Coleen Nolan

Soap star Julie Goodyear and Loose Women's Coleen Nolan immediately took a disliking to each other when they entered the CBB house in 2012. After a number of disagreements and Coleen calling Julie 'fake', Julie took offence when Coleen put a pie in her face during a task. She claimed, "You should have felt the impact of that pie in my f****** face"

Jemma Lucy and Paul Dannan9 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Jemma Lucy and Paul Dannan

Paul Danan completely lost it with reality star Jemma Lucy during the 2017 series of CBB, when Jem brought up Paul's past addictions and brought his son into it. As Jemma insinuated she can 'handle her drink', Paul fumed, "Why are you going so f****** low? What have I ever done to you?"

Leo Sayer and Big Brother10 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

Leo Sayer and Big Brother

On the 2007 series of CBB, it wasn't the housemates arguing with each other that caused the drama, it was Australian housemate Leo Sayer breaking out of the house and having an explosive row with the Big Brother producers. When he thought CBB bosses weren't supplying him with his clean underwear (which actually turned out to be in his suitcase), Leo broke out of the house and told the producers to f*** off on a number of occasions.

Luisa Zissman and Lionel Blair11 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Luisa Zissman and Lionel Blair

Reality star Luisa Zissman and actor Lionel Blair had a MAJOR disagreement in the CBB house in 2014, over a box of chocolates! When the pair couldn't resist temptation and ate the forbidden chocolates, Lionel seemed to blame it all on Luisa when the rest of the house received a punishment...leaving Luisa fuming.

Megan McKenna and John Partridge/Tiffany Pollard12 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Megan McKenna and John Partridge/Tiffany Pollard

Reality TV queen Megan McKenna provided one of the most iconic diary room moments in history following her explosive argument with John Partridge and Tiffany Pollard.Megan lost it with the pair after a comment over house-cleanliness, before letting rip, repeatedly calling John and Tiffany the c-word. Megan's diary room meltdown resulted in her being restrained by security and given a formal warning.

Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding13 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding

They left the show as a couple, but Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding had their fair share of arguments in the CBB house.Their most explosive came when the former Girls Aloud star tried to give Chad advice about the 'showbiz world'. When Sarah's vocabulary got lost in translation, the discussion between the pair got heated.

Janice Dickinson and Jenna Jameson14 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 5

Janice Dickinson and Jenna Jameson

When former supermodel Janice Dickinson helped herself to Jenna Jameson's Kosher food, Jenna tried to settle things on a friendly basis... but Janice wasn't having any of it. The conversation quickly turned into an explosive row between the pair, with Jenna telling Janice to 'respect her religion'.

Since deciding to leave the CBB house, Roxanne has been slammed by over 20 of her former Emmerdale co-stars, Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner, X Factor star Rhydian Roberts and actress Lucy Pargeter.

Roxanne later broke her silence on leaving Celebrity Big Brother on Jeremy Vine's show by apologising to Ryan.

Last Monday (10th September) Ryan Thomas was crowned winner of this summer's Celebrity Big Brother.

Now take a look at all the previous Celebrity Big Brother winners:

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