Rumoured CBB star Austin Armacost on nudity, dating Mark Jacobs and why he HATES Perez Hilton…

If Austin goes into the house there will be fireworks…


by Ellie Henman |

Austin Armacost is rumoured to be heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight and, if he does go in, we think it’s going to be wild.

The model seems totally outrageous – so perfect for the house – sand when we came across this incredible interview with aTEEN, it made us totally excited.

First off, Austin is obsessed with being naked. And we love a celeb who thinks it’s normal to strip off to their birthday suit for absolutely no reason.

“I am naked a lot in my everyday life, the body is a beautiful thing,” he revealed. Excellent. Expect the other celebs to be shielding their eyes for most of the experience.

Austin’s known for his high profile relationship with Marc Jacobs and if he knows anything, it’s how to hobnob with the rich and famous.

“Sitting down to dinner with David & Victoria in their home in LA was probably an experience I won’t see again,” Austin said. “I am not a big ‘fame whore’ so I don’t really get star-struck. It was fun flying around on private jets, partying with celebs [and] eating at the finest restaurants.”

Like nudity? You'll love Austin!

And want to know what really gets Austin’s goat? Perez Hilton. It’s such a shame they couldn’t both be in the house at the same time. Feathers would fly.

“Please excuse my while I go to the loo and hurl my F*CKING guts up,” Austin said when asked about how he felt Perez’s CBB experience went. “What an absolute disgrace to America, the LGBT community, and to himself as a father. He is just an absolute knob which is surprisingly ironic considering that he is famous for drawing knobs on celebrities foreheads.

“I just can't believe nobody lost their temper and just walloped him. He embodies everything that I despise... A self absorbed, attention seeking, disrespectful, unintelligent moron.”

We do not want to get on the wrong side of Austin. Let’s just hope he’s in the house.

Austin’s full interview, along with some seriously HOT pictures, are still available on the first issue of aTEEN, available to download on the Attitude app.

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