What’s on offer at Cheryl Fernandez Versini’s house? A takeaway, reality TV and massages according to Lauren Platt

When Cheryl Fernandez Versini is your mentor on the X Factor, you get some very special treatment.


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It's not just the chance to hang out with a record breaking female artist and her fit French husband.

Oh no, you get so much more than that.

After being booted off the show at the weekend, Cheryl’s remaining contestant has opened up about spending time with the former Girls Aloud star, revealing the last time she was at chez Chezza, they “had an Indian take away...watched I'm a Celeb, had a massage...”

We wonder if it was Jean Bernard was the masseuse?

'My chicken korma was THIS big...'
'My chicken korma was THIS big...'

She added: “Cheryl is the most incredible, strongest woman I've ever met in my life.

“She's so hands-on – she had me around her house countless times this week preparing for whatever way the show might have gone this weekend.”

The 17-year-old also revealed that her and Cheryl were planning to stay in touch and even said J-B had already invited her round for dinner again.

Oh how we’d love to be a fly on that wall…


Cheryl Cole before and after: Girls Aloud singer's worst outfits ever

3rd January 2002
1 of 40

Pre the days of hair straighteners, make-up, eyebrow shaping and teeth whitening

9th January 2002
2 of 40

We can only imagine she was paid a lot of money to wear this leather beanie

9th February 2002
3 of 40

Warning: Highly flammable

10th February 2002
4 of 40

Back in the Popstars: The Rivals days it was apparently a crime not to wear burgundy

3rd March 2002
5 of 40

Toilet roll = an excellent trim for a boring pink shirt

17th October 2002
6 of 40

That sheepskin rug came in handy in the end then

11th November 2002
7 of 40

Jewelled denim is only acceptable on members of B*Witched

16th November 2002
8 of 40

Did that corset just not fit correctly? Is that why it's wrapped over again?

29th January 2003
9 of 40

Combat trousers, a fur gilet and heels should only ever be reserved for the lives of Gwen Stefani

14th May 2003
10 of 40

Ouch and OUCH

21st June 2003
11 of 40

Going to a rave with those glowstick bangles, Chezza?

20th September 2003
12 of 40

After using 10 cans of Elnett, Cheryl opted for this look at the Disney Kids Awards in 2003. Not setting a good fashion example to children, now are we?

8th December 2003
13 of 40

Chery's actually done very well fashioning an outfit out of day-release chic. Check the chain and belt

7th April 2004
14 of 40

Cheryl stopped off at Walford market for some last minute accessories

14th December 2004
15 of 40

Flares and hoodies were our favourite items when we were 14 too

24th January 2005
16 of 40

Looking very happy despite losing all the buttons on her shirt

13th March 2005
17 of 40

No, Cheryl was not on an exotic holiday. She was just at the Embassy Club in London

23rd March 2005
18 of 40

Words fail us

30th June 2005
19 of 40

Since when did 2005 even produce those geriatric heels?

23rd July 2005
20 of 40

That's it, hitch up that skirt until it disaappears please

18th August 2005
21 of 40

That poor cardigan has been stretched to oblivion

3rd December 2005
22 of 40

What lovely velvet knickers you have. We're pretty sure they're meant to go under your tights

12th February 2006
23 of 40

Is that a bra? Or part of the dress? Either way it's not looking good

3rd April 2006
24 of 40

All dolled up for a night in Vegas. Except she's actually at the London premiere for Alien Autopsy

21st May 2006
25 of 40

We can't say we've ever seen a whole roll of Sellotape put to such use before, but each to their own

9th June 2006
26 of 40

Deck shoes, a 90s style work shirt and a Mulberry = all a bit too try hard, Chezza

12 June 2006
27 of 40

When Victoria Beckham invites you out to dins, it's probably best not to channel your inner teenage school hair 'do

25th June 2006
28 of 40

What a classy look! Er, NOT

2nd July 2006
29 of 40

All white there, Cheryl?

11th July 2006
30 of 40

You won't be floating on cloud nine in that bedsheet, love

7th September 2006
31 of 40

We can't imagine a more unflattering colour/material existing

9th October 2006
32 of 40

Now, Cheryl. It's not really acceptable to go around steeling children's hoodies is it?

30th October 2006
33 of 40

Cheryl also wore this exact outfit to the Pride of Britain Awards in 2006 so it obviously wasn't a one-time style slip-up. Repeat offender!

25th November 2006
34 of 40

Looking suspiciously like she's off to the prom for Kimberley Walsh's birthday party

9th December 2006
35 of 40

We didn't realise Chez was once an extra on Little Britain

18th December 2006
36 of 40

We're not sure this is what power dressing shoule mean, Cheryl

3rd June 2007
37 of 40

Thank goodness this was a Girls Aloud private party. At least the majority of the world wasn't subjected to this atrocity

16th September 2007
38 of 40

An old pair of nude tights is NEVER gonig to make a nice top

21st November 2007
39 of 40

The glare from that frock seems to have scared everyone off

10th December 2007
40 of 40

Definitely too sequined for school at the St Trinian's film premiere in London

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