Sarah Harding threw some mega shade at her former Girls Aloud bandmates on CBB last night


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We thought we'd never recover from the pure and utter devastation caused by the end of this year's Love Island and have been in a perpetual state of mourning since the final. But then Celebrity Big Brother returned to our screens last night, and being the fickle reality TV fanatics that we are, suddenly everything is right with the world again.

The house has been given an A-List update and the line-up is looking particularly lit this year (check out all the housemates here, btw), so we're predicting another month of cancelled social plans and 3914141831 CBB-related group chats.

Last night we avidly watched on as the Summer 2017 intake of celebs made their way into the house and we couldn't help but notice there was quite a bit of shade being thrown about.

Jordan Davies slammed his ex and former CBB star Megan McKenna, and Emma Willis even took a little swipe at Love Island.

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Sarah Harding also had a little pop at her former Girls Aloud bandmates during her entrance into the house.

When questioned by Emma about dealing with confrontations in the house, Sarah responded: "I’ve been in a girl band and I don’t like it."


Sarah recently revealed that, besides Nadine Coyle, she's not in contact with the rest of her former bandmates.

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"I FaceTimed Nadine a couple of weeks ago, that was fun. It’s difficult to stay in touch with the others as we’re all quite busy," she told The Sun before heading into the house.

"We have their numbers, we don’t have to prove it to everyone on social media. Those three have always been close."

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