Sarah Harding slammed for terrible lip syncing on Lorraine

Try going near the microphone, Sarah...

by Laurence Mozafari |
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Sarah Harding isn't having the best of luck recently, firstly she split from her new man, then was dropped from Coronation Street after merely four episodes, and now she's been slammed on social media for her terrible lip syncing on ITV's Lorraine.


Performing her debut solo single Threads the ex-Girls Aloud singer was blasted for her lip-syncing skills - or lack of - as numerous users flagged the fact she was nowhere near the microphone.

"I predict in the nxt hour or so Sarah Harding is gonna release a statement defending her awful miming calling she's got tonsillitis #Lorraine."

While another added: "Oh dear! Sarah Harding is not even good at lip syncing her own song. One thinks it's time 2 give it up darling #Lorraine #Lipsyncing #Bad."

If that wasn't enough, in her interview on the show, Sarah had to attempt to explain her sudden departure from Coronation Street.

She said: "I only ever signed up for four episodes because I was working on my new single.

"I only agreed to it because I had a gap [in my schedule] and they knew I was a fan of the show and that I did some acting.

"But I personally find films a lot easier. With soaps it's just such a quick turnaround. I respect actors and actresses that can do it."

We hope things get better for you soon, Sarah! Maybe just steer clear of acting for a while, yeah?

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