Sarah Harding has a new theory about why people don’t like her

“Do they fancy Chad or something?”

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Last night Sarah Harding was booed again during the CBB live eviction show - but she now has a new theory about why viewers don’t like her.

Despite Jemma Lucy telling her to ignore the crowd’s chants, Sarah was determined to suss out the reasons behind her negative reception.

She mused to her fellow housemates: “I think they don’t like couples, do they? They keep saying, ‘Get Sarah out’ – do they fancy Chad or something?

"I don’t get it. Why? I don’t get why. In the first week they were all cheering so why are they all hating on me now? Is it because they don't like to see me with someone they all fancy?"

Sarah harding chad

Despite their difficult relationship, which has seen a number of huge rows, Jemma comforted Sarah, teling her not to take it to heart.

She said: “Take some advice from me - who gives a f*** what anybody else thinks."

She later added: “If they fancy Chad, you’re the one who has got him.”

Chad Johnson

Sarah and The Bachelorette star Chad Johnson first kissed a couple of weeks ago, and over the weekend made things official – despite Sarah having a boyfriend outside of the house.

Sarah Harding Chad Johnson kiss Celebrity Big Brother 2017 CBB

This boyfriend has now been named as Aaron Lacey, a plasterer aged 33.

A friend of Aaron’s told The Sun: “He’s heartbroken. He fell for her. They were inseparable. He supported her for going on Celebrity Big Brother and watched it nightly.

“He’s devastated she went behind his back. He is a great guy and fell for Sarah for who she is, not the celebrity. He wasn’t bothered she was famous. He really liked her.”


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