Scotty T told a BIG LIE on Geordie Shore

Scotty T

by Georgina Terry |

Oh dear. Scotty T, self proclaimed turbo dick, told a MASSIVE PORKIE in the latest episode of Geordie Shore.

How do we know? Because the dolt has admitted to it.

In the most recent instalment of the show, Scotty told new girl Chantelle Connelly that he wants her to be his girlfriend, and jaws dropped to the floor from the other #LADS and from Chantelle herself, who seems to be doing quite a good job of playing Scotty and Aaron Chalmers off against each other.

Geordie Shore Chantelle Connelly Scotty T

Although, is Scotty saying he wants to girlfriend someone up really such a surprise?

He still has a massive thing (emotional, rather than penile) for Marnie Simpson, and during Ex On The Beach he told his ex Ashleigh Defty that he still has feelings for her.

Unless that was all a lie, too.

For Scotty has admitted on Geordie Shore’s confession cam, that he DOES NOT want Chantelle to be his lass.

Geordie Shore series 12

“I still want to go on the pull,” he whispered furtively into the camera in scenes that appear to have been filmed the day after he dropped the GF bomb.

“I’m Scotty T, and I miss going on the f*cking pull, that’s what I do.

“I’m watching Aaron pull [the woman who SPAT IN HIS MOUTH, presumably] and I want to do it.”

Geordie Shore series 12

We personally do not see the appeal of pulling someone who SPITS IN YOUR MOUTH but sure, Scotty, sure.

So, will Chantelle do a Chloe Ferry and lose her mind over Scott dry humping other women?

Honestly? She looks feisty enough to deal with it.

And it will be very interesting to see what happens if she joins the dick detectives, as those girls need to stop pulling each other and get on with detecting some dick.

*Geordie Shore continues on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV. *

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