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Scotty T

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It is the actual law that we start this article by saying h’way, man.

Scotty T has left Geordie Shore! For a bit, like.

The self-proclaimed techno cock (whatever that means) walks out of the show that made his name in tonight’s episode.

The reason? His bad back, that Scotty claims he put out shagging. We NEED to see the position he did that in, just to make sure we never try it ourselves.

Scotty T Geordie Shore

The first episode of series 15 saw Scotty skip two nights out due to his poorly back, and pie Abbie Holborn right in the fanny when she tried to hump him, so it must be serious.

"I'm pure gutted that I'm going home but I know for a fact it's the best thing. I can hardly even fucking walk, and once I've had a bit of rest, I'll come back stronger and a bigger dickhead than ever,” Scott says in tonight’s episode, and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

This means that the only boys left in the house are Marty McKenna, who we kinda warmed too on Ex On The Beach, and Nathan Henry.

Nathan Henry

"Mate, I'm in pain and I cannot rest in here and I'm just having a shit time 'cause I cannot go out,” Scott told Nathan.

Which is almost the same reason that Aaron Chalmers gave last week when he walked out. Other than the pain bit.

And why is Gary Beadle still mysteriously absent? And, while we’re asking questions, why did Abbie win a place over the clearly sassier Sarah Goodhart?

Maybe they could draft Sam Bentham back in to up the boy ante. He was a good ‘un too.

Geordie Shore continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.


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