Security called into CBB house following Stephen Bear MELTDOWN

Calm down, Bear mate


by Georgina Terry |
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Stephen Bear, who we kind of love a little bit even though he is in many ways awful, was removed from the main Big Brother house after seriously losing his cool.

Bear's meltdown followed a fight with Heavy D that has been brewing for a while. Remember when Heavy D followed Bear around the CBB house shouting that he was a "mug"? Really, guys? It was literally yesterday.

But the current fight is not about whether or not Bear put suntan lotion in Heavy's bed(he didn't) but about him snogging Chloe Khan (he did).

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Heavy has been pretty aggressively pursuing Chloe since they entered the house, despite her (and the other housemates) making it clear he hasn't got a chance.

But, in a twist that we did NOT see coming, Bear and Chloe started sucking face following that old seduction classic: a game of truth and dare.

But it seems that the action went from a dare all the way to the bedroom, and Heavy D was not happy about it.

"I’m trying to get some sleep mate, what’s wrong with ya? It’s 2am in the morning!" Heavy bellowed at Bear, which does seem kind of reasonable.

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Trying to sleep while people get off with each other in the same room (bed? Heavy and Bear share one) is pretty minging.

But the row escalated, and lead to Bear heading to the smoking area where he smashed a mirror after throwing a mug at it.

Big Brother called Bear to the Diary Room to calm down, got security in, and told him he had to sleep in a separate room from the others.


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