Selling Sunset: Chrishell Stause is getting ‘special treatment’

Selling Sunset is back and bringing the drama

Selling Sunset

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The glamour, the money, the mansions they can’t quite shift – there are many reasons we’re obsessed with Selling Sunset, but the main one has to be the behind-the-scenes drama. And now that we’ve been treated to season four, it's all kicked up a notch.

An insider close to the cast of the Netflix hit show tells heat that it’s Chrishell Stause who is ruffling feathers “Chrishell has been rubbing a lot of people on the cast the wrong way since she and Jason [Oppenheim – head of The Oppenheim Group] started dating,” we’re told. “Everyone’s super positive to her face about it, but behind her back there’s a lot of gossip and jealousy over her getting special treatment from the boss. She’s totally oblivious to it though because they all support her to her face.”

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City of stars

When the likes of J-Lo and Nicole Scherzinger are on your books, there's no time to be starstruck. But that's not a problem when the brokers have starry connections of their own. Chrishell was married to This Is Us' Justin Hartley (sore point – he dumped her during filming), and was herself a daytime soap actress before getting her realtor's licence, while former NBA cheerleader Amanza dated actor Taye Diggs. Because this is Hollywood, most of the ladies working at Oppenheim are ex-models and actresses, and Heather was a Playboy Playmate.

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Bosses with benefits

You might think it's awkward to work for your ex-boyfriend, but Mary has no such problem with Jason, who co-owns the brokerage with his twin brother Brett. In fact, the cast don't just work together, they play together, and often launch into all their personal dramz during office hours. The scandal of it all! But when they're not hugging and kissing, they're destroying each other with the bitterest war of words. At this point, we've honestly lost count of how many people Christine's fallen out with.

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Jaw-dropping digs

If that $44m property we mentioned is a bit modest for you, how about a $75m house, with nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and, of course, its own helipad? And it's not just the buyers and sellers who are rolling in dough – when the property price is so high, an agent can expect to earn over a million dollars in commission alone! Guess that's how they can afford all those Ferraris and Louboutins...

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Queen of mean

All hail Christine, the self-appointed MVP of Selling Sunset. Christine doesn't do subtlety – her couture outfits, cutting put-downs and claws-out catfights are so extra, they deserve their own spin-off series. Let's not forget, this is the lady who said she wanted a very "casual" engagement party... "with a sexual Phantom Of The Opera theme, a zebra, and Cirque du Soleil performers hanging out in the back." She also doesn't bite her tongue when it comes to having it out with her co-workers and making them earn their keep. Remember when she said that new girl Chrishell should "sit on the floor until she proves herself"? We love her and hate her all at once.

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Work hard, play hard

Honestly, zebras are small fry when it comes to Christine's wedding, which included chocolate gargoyle table settings, fake snow falling as she walked down the aisle, and four live swans. But it's not just the private functions that push the invite envelope – imagine going to an open house that offers free burgers and Botox upon arrival.

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Cut-throat clients

No one has more exacting standards than a client at The Oppenheim Group. And why shouldn't they? They've got money to burn and future house guests to impress. We particularly enjoy Alexandra, the monotone, impossible-to-please app entrepreneur, who gives Chrishell a major ticking off when she doesn't meet the brief, telling her, "My time is important." Special mention goes to Kim Kardashian's frenemy Larsa Pippen, who complains that a walk-in closet the size of our flat isn't big enough. Worse, there isn't parking space for her 12 cars.


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Chrishell, 40, confirmed she was dating Jason in the summer, following her tumultuous divorce from This is Us star Justin Hartley. And with a fifth series of Selling Sunset already promised to us, we’ll get to delve right into the drama her relationship is causing.

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“The only person on the cast that ever faces off with Chrishell is Christine [Quinn] – but Chrishell gives it right back,” our source shares. “She just had a party for her Pretty Little thing collab and she made a point to invite everyone but Christine and she made sure that Christine’s nemesis Emma [Hernan] was there. She’s gone out of her way to get close to newbie Emma, which is definitely a passive aggressive way to get under Christine’s skin.”

And it seems 32-year-old Christine – who gave birth to her first child, a son, in May – is riling everyone up. “The girls on the cast hang out all the time and they never, ever invite Christine,” our insider divulges. “Not only that, but now they’re letting it be known they won’t do press if she’s there and they avoid filming with her as much as possible.”

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