Simon Cowell hits out at claims The X Factor is a ratings disaster: ‘It would be pointless taking it off air’

He's not worried about declining audience numbers

Simon Cowell

by Owen Tonks |
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With all the news of The X Factor’s ratings rapidly declining, you’d have thought Simon Cowell would be getting himself in a right old wobble.

But the music mogul really couldn’t give a damn about viewing figures, and even says axing the talent show would be “pointless”.


Reports have been rife that fans are giving up on the show in their droves with Countryfile and Antiques Roadshow beating it in the ratings war recently.

But Si insists overnight figures should be taken with a pinch of salt because so many people watch television on catch-up now.

He told the Press Association: “You never take a show off that’s getting 10 million viewers. It would be pointless.

“You’ve got to understand, the way we watch TV now is so different.

“We had 6.5 million a week ago – rounded up, it’s nearly 10 million. That’s how many people watch the show every week.”

It had been rumoured former X Factor panellist Louis Walsh was going to return to the show as a neutral fifth judge in a bid to boost viewing figures, but that now seems very unlikely.

The music manager paid a massive £20,000 at a charity auction to raise money for Nordoff Robbins and the BRIT Trust at the Music Industry Trust Awards on Monday night to be a part of the series again.

However, he will only return for one dress rehearsal and it’s unclear if he will appear on screen.

But Louis hasn’t totally ruled out a comeback, and on an official return told the Daily Mirror: “Oh I don’t know, I’m keeping an eye on it. I love [contestants] Louisa [Johnson] and Che [Chesterman]. They’re the two people I love.”

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