Simon Cowell hits out at The X Factor finalists, scorning them for not being BETTER LOOKING

Simon doesn't think the aspiring stars have the full package

Simon Cowell X Factor

by Owen Tonks |
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It’s no secret Simon Cowell is a fan of looking good – he always tries to look his best in a crisp white shirt which he unbuttons right down to his belt, and often cracks out a pair of his smartest high-waisted trousers.

And it looks like a few of The X Factor finalists will soon be getting some fashion advice from the music mogul, after he scorned: “I think some of them could look a bit better!”


The contestants who make it through to the live finals are given a makeover every year but Simon is still unimpressed by the appearance of some of the aspiring pop stars.

However, he’s refusing to say exactly who caught his eye for the wrong reasons.

He told Mirror Online: “I’m not going to say who but you know, enough. But that’s part of the fun of making the show every week.”

Even if they’re not looking perfect yet, Simon is delighted with the level of talent on the show this year.

He said: “Most importantly I’ve seen three, four or five artists who could not only win, will go on to sell records, a lot of records.”

Meanwhile, the music boss revealed he was injured after his contestant Anton Stephans accidentally head-butted him in excitement when it was announced on Sunday night that he’d made it through to the next live show.

Simon said: “He disappeared. It was a first. Someone gets through and they head-butt you in the face, it’s like, thanks a lot.

“Yes [I do have a bruise] – it bloody hurt.”

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