Skam: Everything you need to know about the TV show

It translates to 'Shame' in English, btw

Skam TV show watch online

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Is it just us, or is literally everyone on Twitter talking about Norwegian TV show Skam? What with us essentially being the 'Netflix and chill' generation there's always some telly show or other we should be watching; and right now it's Skam.

It's the teen drama we're borderline obsessed with; but who's in it, what's it all about and how can you watch Skam online? We're here to brief you on everything you need to know.

Skam TV show watch online

What is Skam?

Skam is, in short, our new fave teen drama series. Think a Skins for 2017, just a bit more Norwegian.

Where is Skam set?

Skam's set in Oslo, which you're probably aware is the capital of Norway.

What is Hartvig Nissen School?

They call it Nissen informally, and it's the gymnasium (school) the characters go to. If you're interested, it's located in the Uranienborg neighbourhood in the West Endborough of Frogner.


What does Skam mean in English?


Can I watch the Skam trailer?

Indeed you can, RIGHT HERE:

Where can I watch Skam online?

See, this is the tricky bit. Skam's actually a web series (very modern) which airs primarily on the website of its production company, NRK.

If you're based in the UK, you'll get the message 'NRK har ikke rettigheter til å vise dette programmet utenfor Norge' when you visit said site.

Roughly translated, that's 'NRK do not have permission to view this program outside Norway.' WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?

(You can probably stream it illegally but we obviously don't advocate unlawful behaviour.)

Why is Skam blocked?

Music industry-types pressured NRK to place a geoblock on the series as its soundtrack includes songs only licensed for use in Norway. Boo.

Is Skam on Netflix?

Nope, sorry hun.

Is Skam in English?

Nu-uh, but there are English subtitled versions out there.

Skam TV show watch online

Who writes Skam?

Julie Andem writes and directs the show, the bloody genius.

What's Julie Andem's Instagram?

She's over at @julieandem posting content such as this:

Very much our vibe.

How many seasons of Skam have there been?

We're currently on season 4, so you have a lot of joyous catching up to do.

Go on then, what's the general synopsis of Skam?

Skam follows a different main character every season. At the start of each week a clip, conversation or social media post is uploaded to the official Skam website; with something new posted daily before it's all chucked into one full episode every Friday.

Very unique. Very millennial. Shall we break it down by season?

Skam season 1

The first series centres around main character Eva Mohn and her complicated af relationship with Jonas Noah Vasquez. It's all about identity and belonging.

Skam season 2

This one focuses on Noora Amalie Sætre. It's all about friendship and deals with her relationship with William Magnusson as well as addressing eating disorders and sexual violence.

Skam TV show watch online

Skam season 3

Season 3's all about main character Isak Valtersen and his coming out story as he dealswith his feelings for Even Bech Næsheim. It's a good 'un.

Skam season 4

Season 4 follows the story of Sana Bakkoush and explores issues around the Islamic religion and the Norwegian russ celebratory period.

In case youhave no idea what that is, it's a traditional celebration called the Russefeiring for high school students in their last spring semester. It's part road trip, part rave and full-on ridiculousness.

Oh, we're so educational.

Has Skam finished?

The fourth season is the last, which is SO UPSETTING. We can't talk about it.

Is there a Skam tumblr?

There isn't an official tumblr, but if you search Skam you'll discover a world of lovely GIFs and stuff.


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