Is Sophie Kasaei REALLY returning to Geordie Shore?

Let's examine the evidence

sophie kasaei  Geordie Shore

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Sophie Kasaei is one of the great reality stars: an original* Geordie Shore* cast-member, party animal and current reigning queen of the slut drop (take that Bobby Norris from TOWIE).

Her experience on the show didn't end too well, as she got kicked off the show at the end of series of seven after allegedly using a racial slur, but we love her all the same.

sophie kasaei  Geordie Shore

So it's no surprise that she's been rumoured to replace her best mate Charlotte Crosby after she made the heartbreaking decision to quit the show after five years on the show, following the news of her traumatic ectopic pregnancy.

Is there ANY truth in this?

Well, the show could really do with the numbers, especially as Aaron Chalmers has reportedly jumped ship now too.

There will only be Marty 'from the party' McKenna left at this rate and we can't be having that.

Despite Sophie revealing to heat that she wanted to stay after making an appearance in the Big Birthday Battle series, her future on the show looked pretty bleak as bosses seemed pretty certain that they didn't want her to come back.

She told us a couple of months back: "When I had to leave at the end of the series I was in hysterics. At the minute there's no talk of me going back which I'm gutted about, but we'll see how the series goes."

However, it now seems like Charlotte leaving may just be Sophie's silver lining, with sources telling The Sun:

"Sophie can’t wait to return to Geordie Shore, it’s a dream come true for her!

"She didn’t think it would ever happen but the Geordie Shore cast are like family to her and she can’t wait to be reunited with them it’s just a shame Charlotte won’t be there."

Sophie's currently enjoying some time with her boyfriend Joel Corry in Greece and has remained tight-lipped on social media (VERY unlike her) – so we're definitely seeing some truth in the claims.

Plus, if Sophie's return turns out to be legit, Gary Beadle needs to run for the hills.

sophie kasaei  Geordie Shore

The source continued: "She was shocked to learn he had cut her off while she was dealing with her [Charlotte] ectopic pregnancy on her own.

“He only made things worse in her eyes as he continued to party without a care in the world when the news broke."

We're still trying to get our heads around Geordie Shore without a dose of Crosby, TBH.


Sophie Kasaei's AMAZING transformation

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