Stephen Bear basically BROKE OUR HEARTS in CBB last night

Oh, Bear


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*Celebrity Big Brother *last night was pretty much a tearjerker. Not because Sam Fox and Katie Waissel went (again), it was their time to be fair.

No, we were sad about the Bear-baiting.

And the scene at the end that saw Bear alone and depressed in the garden really made our hearts go out to him.


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Look, there is no way on God's green earth we would want to share a room / house/ fairly large train carriage with Bear but the way he was treated last night by Renee Graziano and Aubrey O'Day was not cool.

First up, there was mask-gate.

Bear did lose his shit over the mask's disappearance but Renee HID HIS MASK. She kicked it under the sofa when his back was turned and then pretended that Sam had taken it out of the house and Renee blatantly lied to Bear, telling him that he'd told Sam to take it.

She then pretended to find the mask, making Bear look like an idiot.

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Excuse us, but wasn't Bear told off for "goading" housemates just a few days ago? Feels like there's one rule for Bear and another for everyone else. Speaking of which…

Aubrey SQUARED UP to Bear in the bedroom. Surely she should have been shown to be reprimanded for that? Justice needs to be seen to be done and all that.

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And while we're ranting (because we realise that's what happening here), Renee and Aubrey once again told Frankie Grande that if he speaks to Bear he is no friend of theirs.

From where we're sitting – which is pretty squarely in Team Bear right now – that looks a bit like bullying.

"Good luck on Friday!" Bear told Aubrey, when she told him that Big Brother was going to be the biggest achievement of his life (side-point: why is Aubrey on CBB if her career is so glittering?).

And after last night's little display, we think he may be right.

*CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. *


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