Stephen Bear to face eviction EVERY WEEK for the rest of CBB

Bit harsh?

Stephen Bear

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Stephen Bear has been a rather naughty boy since he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. We know he’s been behaving pretty badly these past few days, but we kinda had a bit of a soft spot for him. We were more team Bear than Heavy D, who’s been acting very unpleasantly toward Chloe Khan (making her wash his PANTS being a notable example).

After Emma Willis announced that there was going to be a shock twist (is it just us or does Big Brother LOVE a shock twist this year), the housemates were gathered on the sofa and told they would have to pick one person to get the curse of being eternally nominated. Ouch.

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They then had to stand up and reveal who they’d chosen – it obviously became a two horse race between Bear (who was STILL wearing that weird mask from a few days ago) and Heavy.

stephen bear

Predictably, the two then started being a bit lairy toward each other. “Ah it’s you,” said Heavy D as Bear took the lead, to which he replied: “I ain’t bothered.”

Stephen Bear

When it was confirmed that it would be Bear facing nomination, he shouted: “Don’t talk to me,” and called Frankie Grande “false” when he tried to explain his reasoning to him.

Stephen Bear

And the atmosphere in the house got even more bizarre later on. After a whole lot of shouting (this is shaping up to be the shoutiest series ever), Bear asked Aubrey O’Day to spit in his mouth. Errr… hasn’t she done enough spitting in your mouth for this week Bear?

The night ended with Grant Bovey being evicted.

We imagine things aren’t going to be quiet in that house in the coming weeks.

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