Oh Lawwwd. Are CCB Stephen Bear’s family getting THEIR OWN REALITY SHOW?

Keeping Up With The Bears, anyone?


by Polly Foreman |
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Stephen Bear has single handedly delivered us the maddest, grossest, weirdest, and (let's be real) most entertaining CBB of our actual lives – so just THINK what a whole family of them could do.

Our imaginations are running wild RN.

And we may not have to imagine it much longer, as his brother hinted that it may be on the cards.

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God help us.

Danny Bear said: “We’re a family of entertainers – it’s in our DNA.

CBB Bear
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And he hinted that something MAY ACTUALLY BE IN THE PIPELINE, saying: "Maybe we’ve already been offered something.

"Stephen’s management have got a load of meetings lined up for when he comes out.

"Never mind these Kardashians, we’d make great TV," he told The Sun.

We wonder which Kardashian Bear would be?

Definitely Khloe.

We can't work out if we really don't want this to happen or need it in our lives more than anything else in the world.

Very mixed emotions.

Maybe Chloe Khan could guest star? She has been hanging out with his dad...

Chloe Khan

But Bear could well have to juggle his commitments, as he may be doing a Megan McKenna and jumping from CBB to TOWIE.

A source close to him told heat: "He'd sell his left arm to be on The Only Way Is Essex - he wants to stay relevant as long as possible."

And a TOWIE insider added: "For us to consider a new character to come in, it’s got to be relevant to the storylines. They have to know the characters already on the show and it has to be a natural relationship."

AND HE TICKS ALL THOSE BOXES. He's mates with Jon Clark AND former cast member Joey Essex.

We have a feeling we're going to be hearing a looooot more from him after the CBB final this Friday…

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