Has Stephen Bear masturbated in the CBB house? Let’s find out

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Bears reaction to Ari

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What has there been a lot of in this year's Celebrity Big Brother house?

Fighting? Yes.

Backstabbing? Of course.

Dirty sex noises coming from the toilet? OK, that too.

But what we're specifically thinking of is PEEN and PEEN TALK.


If it's not Lewis Bloor waving his enormous and hairless peen and / or naked testicles about, it's Aubrey O'Day telling Big Brother that what she wants for Christmas is "dick" or Marnie Simpson fellating a banana in scenes that were actually rather sweet.

CBB Marnie Simpson
©Channel 5

So it should perhaps be no surprise that Stephen Bear has made a frank and honest confession about having some, ahem, solo time with his penis.

The confession comes when Aubrey decides to quiz Bear and the housemates on their sexual activities because, hey, there's a double eviction tonight and no one wants to look like the boring one, do they? We're giving Katie Waissel serious side-eye here.

Bear's the first to come under Aub's scrutiny, and when she asks if he's masturbated in the house, he replies: "I have yes! When I was in the shower, it was a release…"

Ricky Norwood CBB
©Channel 5

Aubrey then turns her attention to Ricky Norwood, asking him: "We know you’re bringing back the Year of the Gentleman, so we want to know what is your favourite sexual position?”

To which he replies: "Well I’m not a gentleman in the bedroom!"

Sure, Ricky. Suuuuure.

When Aubrey asks Katie Waissel about the craziest place she's had sex, Katie replies: "On top of a double decker bus!"

Marnie states: "I’ve only ever done it in bed!"

Which is a blatant lIe. We saw Marnie get it on with Aaron Chalmers in a FOOD PREPERATION AREA during Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle.

Will Aaron tweet about it tonight? He's been really pretty rude about his former squeeze's appearance on the show so far.

*CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. *

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