Did Stephen Bear just hint he’s going into Celebrity Big Brother?


stephen bear

by Polly Foreman |
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We don't mean to scare anyone, but this series of Celebrity Big Brother is STRESSING US OUT.


First Kim Kardashian's sex tape pal, Ray J, left because he had a tooth abscess. Then Brandon Block left because he was just having a bit of a mare.

And the first eviction hasn't even happened yet! It'll only be ruddy Speidi left at this rate. They'd never leave.

But luckily for us (and not so luckily for the housemates, probably) last series’ winner, Stephen Bear, has hinted he might be going back to the house.

Stephen Bear


He posted a clip of Big Brother's Bit On The Side with a paw emoji as the caption.

Veeeery interesting.

But he'd previously dismissed rumours that he's heading back into the house, insisting that he just isn't cool enough.

Poor little Bear.

He tweeted: "I can officially say I’m not doing CBB in Jan. I wasn’t cool enough."

If you don't remember, Bear bounded into the house, pissed everyone off, made some sexy noises in the loo with Chloe Khan, and basically provided the most exciting month of telly we've ever seen.


Bear also recently (before the show started) tweeted: "Can't wait for January" coupled with a house emoji.

You ruddy tease, Bear.

In other CBB news, Brandon Block has revealed why he left the house.

Last night on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, a clip of his departure revealed the real reason why he left the show.

It showed him saying to his fellow housemates: "Can I speak to everyone please? I’ve not been happy for a few days, I love you all and I really mean that. I just can’t.

"It’s a great experience but I’m just not feeling me. I just don’t want to sit out there and smoke all day. Crack on everyone and kick its arse."

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