Millie Bobby Brown shares ‘crazy memories’ from behind-the-scenes of Stranger Things 3

Season 3 was released on the 4th July 2019

Millie Bobby Brown

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Last month, Stranger Things' fans binge-watched their way through the third season of the TV series, and now Millie Bobby Brown, has shared some 'crazy memories' from her time on set.

Millie, who plays Eleven in the hit TV show, posted three black and white photos, with the first one showing her alongside Finn Wolfhard (who plays Mike), wrapped in a blanket, with a plaster across her forehead.

Then, in the second photo shared by the young actress, she can be seen holding her 'leg'. Joking about the prop in her caption Millie wrote, 'throwback to the crazy memories of ST S3... (2nd pic I'm holding my leg... watch episode 7...) bye for now 🖤☁️'. [sic]

The photo shows Millie, wearing a hoodie and smiling, holding the gruesome-looking leg! In the third photo, Millie is joined by another cast mate, Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers.

In less than an hour Millie's photo gained nearly 1 million likes, with fans commenting on how much they love the show, and the young actors. One fan commented, 'throwback to the 80s 🖤', with another saying, 'I REALLY LOVE YOU'.

Another posted, 'I LOVE YOU GUYS', with one more saying, 'thank you so much for putting your heart into your acting and giving us the feeling like it's really happening♡ ur an amazing actress, amazing inspiration and a role model we cant thank u enough for turning our life into a better place to live for♡ this show and you changed all of our lives in a good way♡'. [sic]

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven
Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven ©Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven © Netflix

This latest post by Millie comes after the actress has shared several other behind-the-scenes photos and videos from Stranger Things 3. The 15-year-old, who became the youngest person to be included on the Time 100 influential people list in 2018, posted a video last month of a scene that made her sick.

Millie told Entertainment Weekly, "You know the scenes where it looks like I’m falling? [When Eleven goes into Billy’s memories] I had to learn how to basically throw myself backwards and forwards for a few hours. And by the end of it, I was gagging because I was so nauseous, but it was the best. I loved it, I loved every second of it. But yes, stunt-wise, it was quite difficult this year."

She later shared the behind-the-scenes footage of this stunt and it's no surprise she felt ill after it. We feel ill just watching!

Now take a look at facts you probably didn't know about Stranger Things:


Facts you probably didn't know about Stranger Things

E.T. and Nightmare on Elm Street1 of 22
CREDIT: E.T. u00a9 Universal Pictures/Nightmare on Elm Street u00a9 New Line Cinema


To help sell the show, the Duffers edited a mock 'trailer' combining clips from over 25 feature films, including E.T., Nightmare on Elm Street, Super 8 and Halloween.

The Guest2 of 22
CREDIT: The Guest u00a9 Picturehouse


The composers of the Stranger Things soundtrack (Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon) were two members of an Austin synth band called SURVIVE; their music was featured in the soundtrack of the film The Guest.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein3 of 22
CREDIT: Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein u00a9 Getty Images


Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon have written over 13 hours of music for the show.



Winona Ryder wanted her hairstyle modeled after Meryl Streep's hair in Silkwood.

Alien The Goonies Altered States Superman5 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 20th Century Fox/ u00a9 Warner Bros./


The title sequence was inspired by the work of Richard Greenberg, who designed a number of classic 80s title sequences including Alien, Altered States, Superman and The Goonies - which starred a young Sean Astin, who later appeared in Stranger Things as Joyce's boyfriend Bob Newby.

Roy Orbison - A Love so Beautiful6 of 22
CREDIT: Roy Orbison u00a9 YouTube


Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine (Dr. Martin Brenner) have appeared together once before, in the music video for Roy Orbison's 'A Love So Beautiful'.

Netflix Stranger Things7 of 22
CREDIT: Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) u00a9 Netflix


Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) have both acted on Broadway. Gaten played Gavroche in Les Miserables and Caleb played Young Simba in The Lion King. The two boys knew each other but they didn't become close friends until after working on Stranger Things.



Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers) and Millie Brown (Eleven) are both from the UK. Charlie is from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, and Millie is from Bournemouth, Dorset.

Stephen King/Christine Novel9 of 22
CREDIT: Stephen King u00a9 Getty / Christine u00a9 Viking


To help sell the show, the Duffers created a 'look book' which was designed in the style of a vintage Stephen King novel.

Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin)10 of 22
CREDIT: Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) u00a9 Netflix


Gaten's voice changed so much by the time production ended that the sound team were unable to use him for additional dialogue recording.

Finn Wolfhard (Mike) Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven)11 of 22
CREDIT: Finn Wolfhard (Mike) Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) u00a9 Netflix


Although the show was shot digitally on the RED Dragon, a layer of real film grain was applied to help achieve a more vintage look.

Eleven and Lucas12 of 22
CREDIT: Eleven and Lucas u00a9 Netflix


It was Caleb's request to wear a camouflage bandana in the show; he wears it for the final three episodes.

The Demogorgon Stranger Things13 of 22
CREDIT: The Demogorgon u00a9 Netflix


The monster was achieved through a combination of prosthetics, animatronics, performance and CG.

Monsters Inc.14 of 22
CREDIT: Monsters Inc. u00a9 PA Images


The toddlers on set were very scared by the 'monster', but they were calmed when told that he was just like the monsters in Monsters Inc.

Finn Wolfhard15 of 22
CREDIT: Finn Wolfhard u00a9 Getty Images


Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler, is a film buff and wants to be a director when he grows up. He is a particular fan of Sam Raimi's early work.

Eleven being lowered into a paddling pool16 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 Netflix


The gang really did create a salt bath, and Millie Bobby Brown actually floated - there were no effects used! To get Millie to float in a kiddie pool, twelve hundred pounds of epsom salt were dissolved into the water.

Will, Mike, Lucas Stranger Things17 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 Netflix


Before starting the show, the writers all watched (or rewatched) a large list of films, including E.T., Stand By Me, The Goonies, The Thing and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Eleven played by Millie18 of 22
CREDIT: Eleven played by Millie u00a9 Netflix


Millie had to shave most of her hair off for the show and as can be expected of any 11­-year-old girl this was a terrifying prospect. The Duffers showed her how cool Charlize Theron looked in Mad Max: Fury Road after which Millie agreed to it.

Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer19 of 22
CREDIT: Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer u00a9 Getty Images


The Duffers had all the boys audition with scenes from Stand By Me.

Hopper and his trailer20 of 22
CREDIT: Hopper and his trailer u00a9 Netflix


Hopper's trailer was purchased by the art department for $1.

Eleven submerged underwater21 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 Netflix


For some of the laboratory scenes, Millie (Eleven) was fully submerged in an underwater immersion tank. She was able to breathe by wearing a Sea Trek helmet, which weighs approximately 70 lbs above water; it weighs 15 lbs beneath the surface of the water. The helmet was designed for shallow 'underwater walking'.

Finn Wolfhard (Mike)22 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 Netflix


To direct Millie while she was underwater, the Duffers communicated with her through a small radio in her ear.

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