Here’s how much the Stranger Things cast earn per episode

That sure is a lot of pocket money

Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Millie Bobby Brown

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How much money do you need when you're a teenager? Not much, you'd think.

When we were younger our pocket money used to just about pay for a packet of Smarties down the local corner shop, and some Quavers if we were lucky.

But the Stranger Things cast are obviously living very different childhoods to us.

Yup, if their pay-cheques are anything to go by then they're probably spending their time dining on caviar and buying themselves lavish designer garms.

Apparently, Finn Wolfhard (14), Millie Bobby Brown (13), Gaten Matarazzo (15), Noah Schnapp (13) and Caleb McLaughlin (16) – are earning $30,000 each per episode according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That is a LOT of money to be earning in your early teens.

stranger things series 2

And it doesn't stop there. That was their pay-cheque BEFORE the show got huge, but then after it became... you know, a global sensation, they got an extra "less then six figure bonus" (whatever that is).

Of course, Stranger Things is only going to get more popular, so we can pretty much expect their wages to increase along with it.

Speaking about the actors' hefty paycheques, a source told The Hollywood Reporter: “If the series has any luck at the Emmys, that will only intensify.”

Of course, we shouldn't moan. The cast of Stranger Things are bloody brilliant and they deserve every penny they get.

We just wish that we were destined to be child stars, too.

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