Stranger Things next series to have ‘four new characters’ as the plot moves ‘far far away from Hawkins’

Series four can't come quick enough

Stranger Things

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After the third series of Stranger Things was left on a cliff-hanger, fans of the show have been desperately trying to find out more information about series four.

But the cast, directors and Netflix have remained pretty tight lipped on what's going to happen.

Stranger Things
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However, new information has reportedly been leaked about the next phase of the story arch, and that involves four new characters that are set to stir the pot.

According to TV line, the show are currently casting four male characters, with three of those being teenagers and one an adult. They're said to be characters with "recurring roles."

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Swipe through to see who's in the cast of Stranger Things...

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Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers

Joyce is the mum of Will and Jonathan Byers, she is divorced and in the second season starts to date her old high school classmate Bob, played by Sean Astin.

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David Harbour as Jim Hopper

Jim is the chief at the local police station, he is divorced and had a young daughter who died of cancer. He has a connection with Joyce, and adopted Eleven at the end of season two.

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Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler

Mike is one of Will's friends, the brother to Nancy and Holly, and son of Karen and Ted. He later develops feelings for Eleven and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Aww.

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Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven

When Eleven first appears in the series she has just escaped from Hawkins Laboratory, she has a shaven head and is very scared, however it's clear she has some sort of unusual powers. It is later revealed that her real name is Jane and she meets her mother, who was left catatonic by the scientists at the lab. She is adopted by Hopper.

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Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson

Dustin is another of Will's friends. He is has leidocranial dysplasia which causes him to lisp, however in the second season he is very proud of the two front teeth he developed. Dustin causes havoc in season two after adopting one of the Demogorgon creatures as a pet.

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Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is also a friend of Will's. When he first meets Eleven he is very skeptical, but later starts to trust her. He later develops a relationship with Max.

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Noah Schnapp as Will Byers

Will is Jonathan's younger brother and Joyce's other son. At the beginning of the first season he is captured and ends up disappearing into the Upside Down. Thankfully, he's rescued, but he has to face even worse problems in the second season as he becomes possessed by the creatures.

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Sadie Sink as Maxine 'Max' Mayfield

Max was a new character for season two, initially joining the friendship group at the invitation of Lucas and Dustin, but Mike rejects her as he's missing Eleven, who has disappeared. She's also bullied relentlessly by her cruel step-brother, Billy. By the end of the season, they're all friends and Max begins a relationship with Lucas.

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Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler

Nancy is Mike and Holly's older sister. In the first season she becomes Steve Harrington's girlfriend, but by the season season they have split up and she starts going out with Jonathan Byers, and the pair work together to try and expose Hawkins Laboratory.

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Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers

Jonthan is Will's older brother and Joyce's son. He is a quiet teenager and not part of the popular group, however in season 2 he starts to date Nancy.

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Joe Keery as Steve Harrington

Steve started off as something of a baddie in the first season after he took Nancy's rejection quite hard. However, he was the hero of the second season, looking after the younger group and being a mentor to Dustin.

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Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove

Billy joined the cast in season 2 with his step-sister Max. Billy is something of a villain on the show as he is constantly bullying Max, and even comes to blows with Nancy, Jonathan and Steve. By the end of the series, we realise that he's the way he is because he's bullied by his father.

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Matthew Modine as Dr Martin Brenner

In season 1, Martin is the lead scientist at Hawkins Laboratory who is searching for Eleven, he briefly appears again throughout season 2.

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Maya Hawke as Robin

Maya Hawke - daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman - will be joining the cast of Stranger Things in season 3 as someone who works with Steve at his summer job.

Stranger Things

The publication reports one of the teens with be “an entitled jock” and “a metalhead", potentially clashing with the younger members of the cast.

The description for the adult man says he “possesses characteristics that suggest he will figure prominently in a certain story line set far, far away from Hawkins.”

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The latest series four news comes after Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, opened up about the next series of the hit Netflix show, admitting she's "freaked out" that she could potentially be the villain of the next series.

As series three ended, viewers saw the 15-year-old's character Eleven getting part of the Mind Flayer's flesh stuck on her leg, leading fans to conjure up many theories and predictions, with one being that Eleven gets infected from the flesh, turning her into a baddie.

Millie Bobby Brown
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Speaking to Elle about fan predictions, Millie said, "I kind of like it! I'm into it. I wasn't playing it like that. We don't know what happens in season four. I definitely don't.

"In scenes after the Mind Flayer grabbed me, I wasn't playing it as I was infected."

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"I was definitely playing it as normal as possible. And maybe that's the reason they didn't tell me. To make it as real as possible. I don't know.

The Godzilla star went on to say, "Those theories freak me out a bit. Because I'm like, 'Oh god, that could genuinely be true.' And what if she is the villain?

"That would be so cool. Wouldn't that be cool? I'd love to be the villain, but then I also wouldn't because Eleven is perfect. It would suck."

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