What is The Bi Life? Everything you need to know about Courtney Act’s FAB new dating show

The UK's first bisexual dating show.

The Bi Life

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We're approaching the bleak mid-winter, and the days of cancelling all social plans to rush home in time for Love Island feels like a distant, sweaty memory. But, fear not, as there's a new bunch of sexy AF singletons living it up in a swanky Spanish villa whose love lives you're about to become very invested in. That's right, there's a new dating show in town and it breaking down some stereotypes.

What is The Bi Life?

The Bi Life

The Bi Life is a new reality dating show following the lives of single bisexuals as they navigate the dating scene while living in a fancy AF villa in Barcelona.

Each episode the cast head out into Barcelona for a dates which have been set up for them. In every episode, one of the dates will be then watched back by the rest of the group - who will then critique their dating skills or learn a few tips and tricks to apply to their own love life.

Unlike Love Island, there's no prize at the end of the show as bosses revealed they wanted to "explore authentic love stories or dating scenarios".

What does Courtney Act have to do with The Bi Life?

Celebrity Big Brother winner Courtney Act aka Shane Jenek hosts the show, offering words of wisdom, a shoulder to cry on and, sometimes, some harsh truths to the daters.

Speaking to heat ahead of the launch of the show Shane opened up about the importance of a dating show for bisexuals.

"There are so many misconceptions and preconceptions about bi+ people, and I think the biggest one is that people assume you're just attracted to men and women 50/50 - and it doesn't necessarily," Shane revealed.

"It's more than just men and women, there's trans people, non-binary people, intersex people. [bisexual] is an inclusive term, that just explains some one is not simply straight or totes gay."

Shane also admitted to taking some inspo from Love Island host and his CBB pal Andrew Brady's on/off girlfriend Caroline Flack.

"I've only watched one episode of Love Island and I feel like, now that I'm living in the UK, I haven't done my full service and need to watch it all.

"My presenting role is quite different, as I'm in with the cast and constantly having conversations with them, although one thing I have taken from Caroline is her fashion.

"I was putting the top on and it just didn't look right, so I set it to the stylist and they sent back a picture and I knew I recognised the torso..."

When does The Bi Life start? How can I watch it?

The Bi Life will be hitting your screens on Thursday October 25th at 9pm and you can watch it on E! UK & Ireland.

Meet the cast of The Bi Life looking for love in Barcelona:


The Bi Life cast

The Bi Life cast1 of 9

Michael Gunning

International swimmer Michael revealed on his Bi Life Bio that he's taking part in the show because it's something he would never have dreamed of doing before. He explained: "It's a risk, and it's something exciting I thought I could do. I'm a swimmer and the only time a swimmer gets off is summertime so I thought, why not go on a show like this and live a little, and have fun this summer!"

The Bi Life cast2 of 9

Leonnie Cavill

Holiday rep Leonnie revealed: "I think that the message that The Bi Life gives out is one that I really stand behind."

The Bi Life cast3 of 9

Ryan Cleary

You may recognise Ryan from ITV2 reality show Survival Of The Fittest. Ryan describes his love life as 'hectic, wild and fun'. Courtney Act describes Ryan as the smoothest dater on the show.

The Bi Life cast4 of 9

Daisie Thilwind

Fraud-prevention officer Daisie describes herself as 'proud to be bisexual. For her, the biggest misconception people have about her sexuality is that they think she is greedy.

The Bi Life cast5 of 9

Matt Brindley

Matt is an influencer agent. He says he is also attracted to people who look after their body and appearance. He's after a 10 out of 10, apparently.

The Bi Life cast6 of 9

Mariella Amodeo

Makeup artist Mariella descibes her love life before the show as 'disappointing and confusing.'

The Bi Life cast7 of 9

Irene Ellis

Irene is a photographer living in London. She says the most annoying question to be asked when you are bisexual is 'So, do you want a threesome?'.

The Bi Life8 of 9

Carmen Clarke

Carmen is a model and defines her sexuality as bisexual. However, she says she's often judged for 'looking straight'.

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Kyle McGovern

Kyle is a support teacher from Wales. He describes his love life as uneventful, tragic but optimistic.

Why is The Bi Life set in Barcelona?

Speaking ahead of the launch, Executive producer Ros Coward told heat: "One of the reasons we wanted to shoot The Bi Life in Barcelona is because it is one of the biggest LGBTQ cities in the world.

"I feel like we're in a really safe environment. It's really great for the cast, there's sun and there's the beach and it's all in a society that's very accepting."

The Bi Life, the UK's first bisexual dating show, will be on E! at 9pm every Thursday.

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