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After the postponement of Love Island last year, and no Winter Love Island to get us through the horrid month of January, we were over the moon when ITV2 revealed their brand new dating show The Cabins.

The show, which has graced our screens for the last three weeks, comes to a sad end on Friday 22nd January, but don't panic, there's one more episode that we've all been waiting for...

When is The Cabins reunion show?

Announcing the news today, ITV bosses revealed a reunion show will air this Sunday (24 January) called The Cabins Reunion: Out of the Woods.

Hosted by Clara Amfo and David Potts, the show will reunite some of The Cabins cast from the last three weeks, and give fans an all important update as to which couples stayed together after filming.

If you've been an avid viewer of the popular new show, like us, you are probably most keen for an update on couples like Sarah and Charlotte, Mamudo and Robyn, Curtis and Daisy, Alex and Nathan, and April and Ryan.

CHECK OUT all of the cast's relationships played out on The Cabins:


The Cabins couples RADIO STACKED

Charlotte and Sarah1 of 20
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Charlotte and Sarah: Together

After spending the maximum duration in their cabin, Charlotte and Sarah left as an 'exclusive cabins couple', with the pair heading off to Sarah's hometown of Blackpool. Despite Sarah's worries about Charlotte's lifestyle fitting in with her own, the pair's connection was clear to see by viewers, leaving them over the moon when they left together looking VERY happy. During the reunion show, the loved-up pair confirmed they are now an official couple, with both even saying 'the L word' to each other! Oh, and they've got matching tattoos!Since then, the pair are still together and have even talked about starting a family together through IVF.

Tom and Olivia2 of 20
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Tom and Olivia: Split

When 26-year-old Tom and 22-year-old Olivia first set eyes on each other it looked like love at first sight, with the pair sharing a bed from night one. Despite Olivia admitting she wasn't used to Tom's affectionate ways, the pair decided to end their stay at the cabins after three nights, leaving the show as an 'exclusive cabins couple'. However, as documented during the reunion show, things went a bit South for these two in the real world. Tom labelled their relationship as "100% a holiday romance", with Olivia admitted the bubble popped as soon as they left the cabin.

Mamudo and Robyn3 of 20
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Mamudo and Robyn: Split

Despite keeping it a secret that he's a professional footballer, Mamudo used his charm to win over 26-year-old Robyn during their first day in the cabin, rocking up with a lovely bunch of flowers. And it certainly didn't take long for these two to get comfortable with each other, with the pair sharing a bed, getting a bit steamy in the hot tub, and even speaking about their toilet habits.However, after extending their stay for another night, it looked like 23-year-old Mamudo might be a little of sick of Robyn's self-confessed laziness, and then he found himself in the bad books for not taking the body pairing task serious. After making the decision to spend one final night together, Mamudo showed his romantic side to Robyn, with a walk in the woods followed by a romantic night which involved candles, rose petals and a massage! The pair decided they would like to get to know each other more on the outside world, leaving the show as an 'exclusive cabins couple'. We had high hopes for these two, but on the reunion show Robyn and Mamudo confirmed they are no longer together, with Robyn revealing she found Mamudo 'different' in the real world.

April and Ryan4 of 20
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April and Ryan: Split

Ms Great Britain April was clearly over the moon to be spending time with model Ryan, even admitting to her friend she's a little overwhelmed by his charming good looks. On day one, 31-year-old April and 30-year-old Ryan enjoyed a number of chats in an attempt to get to know each other, with the pair sleeping in the same bed. After deciding to stay another day, April and Ryan were invited to have a nice meal at the exclusive Cabins restaurant, where they chatted more about their feelings towards each other. The pair decided to stay another night whilst admitting they need to be more affectionate with each other, before celebrating with their first kiss!The next day, April and Ryan certainly got more affectionate, enjoying a number of kisses and hugs throughout the day. When decision time arrived, the pair got deep with each other and admitted they'd love to start a new chapter on the outside world, leaving as an 'exclusive cabins couple'.On the reunion show, model couple April and Ryan confirmed they were still together, but by the looks of their socials, they've split now!

Alex and Nathan5 of 20
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Alex and Nathan: Split

22-year-old Alex and Nathan seemed to get along very well during their first night in the cabin, enjoying some pretty deep chats and getting to know each other. After drinks in the hot tub and some mud masks, the pair slept apart on night one, but both decided to spend another 24 hours together, admitting they do fancy each other. The next day, despite Nathan having doubts to his pal on the phone, the pair enjoyed a steamy snog in the hot tub - and later in the evening, Alex even allowed him to sleep in the bed instead of the sofa. Alex and Nathan decided to leave the cabin as an 'exclusive cabins couple', admitting they'd like to spend more time with each other in the real world. On the reunion show, viewers were delighted to learn that Alex and Nathan are still together, with the pair admitting they've been on a number of dates and talk non-stop! However, one year on, it looks like they've now split, with no sign of each other together.

Will and Holly6 of 20
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Will and Holly: Friends

Self-confessed 'bad boy' Will and Cabin Crew worker Holly entered their cabin during the episode on Friday 8th January. After a lot of flirting by both Will and Holly, the pair shared a bed after getting to know each other in the hot tub, and later chose to extend their stay for another night! Day two was certainly entertaining for viewers, if not for Will and Holly! After Will decided to cook Holly a three-course meal (in the microwave) he somehow got away with telling her he'd actually cooked it from scratch. Despite Holly saying she was 'too hot' in bed to prevent Will from spooning her, the pair chose to spend another night in the cabin in an attempt to see if anything romantic progresses between the two. However, sadly there was no romantic spark between these two, with the pair leaving alone as just friends. On the reunion show, Will and Holly confirmed they are 'friends for life', with Will revealing they speak everyday. Despite Holly admitting she 'loves him' as a mate, both confirmed they want to go out and party together.

Curtis and Daisy7 of 20
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Curtis and Daisy: Split

22-year-old Curtis and Daisy hands down had one of the best entrances into the cabin we've witnessed so far, when Daisy dressed up as a giant teddy bear to scare Curtis on his arrival.From that moment on, the pair clearly had a bit of a spark, enjoying the hot tub together and later playing a game of 'Never Have I Ever'. After sharing a bed and a few little cuddles, the pair decided to spend another night. The next day, although a few awkward comments from Curtis, which Daisy labelled 'vulgar', the pair decided they should get to know each other more in the real world, and not in the 'honeymoon stage' inside the cabins. The pair left as an exclusive cabins couple, with Daisy suggesting they should go on holiday to Norway. However, during the reunion show, Curtis and Daisy confirmed they are no longer speaking, with Curtis saying Daisy left his Christmas Day message on 'read'. OUCH!

Andras and Liam E8 of 20
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Andras and Liam E: Friends

The lovely Andras and Liam didn't waste any time in getting to know each other, with Andras quickly admitting this was his first ever date.After enjoying a meal cooked by Liam, the pair slept in the same bed on night one, before making a decision about their future the next morning. Despite Liam admitting he sees Andras on more of a friendship level, he was open to staying another night to see if anything materialised.The next day, the pair got to know each other more and despite Liam suggesting he 'doesn't get butterflies' and sees the pair more as 'friends', both boys seemed excited to spend a final 24 hours together, before leaving the following night. On the reunion show, viewers were over the moon to learn Andras and Liam are still in touch, with the boys confirming they are seeing where their relationship goes. Despite having 'no labels', Liam admitted things are very positive and the boys are excited to see what the future holds.

Abraham and Sofia9 of 20
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Abraham and Sofia: Split

Things certainly started well for 21-year-olds Abraham and Sofia in episode one, but it was quickly made apparent to viewers that they weren't meant to be. After THAT awkward moment where Abraham stopped Sofia's emotional speech to let out wind, the pair decided to leave the cabins alone.

Rhys and Corben10 of 20
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Rhys and Corben: Friends

28-year-old Rhys and 27-year-old Corben first entered their cabin on Tuesday 12th January, with the pair getting off to a good start. However, after Corben consumed a little too much alcohol, he was later sick all of the bed, resulting in Rhys having to sleep on the sofa. Waking up with regret in the middle of the night, Corben made his way downstairs to apologise to Rhys, who didn't look too impressed. After discussing their different lifestyles and views on various topics the next morning, much to the surprise of viewers, the boys chose to stay another night.Following a day of chats, drawings and getting to know each other more, the boys had a big decision to make. Despite Corben admitting he would like to stay another night, Rhys revealed he sees their relationship more on a 'friendship' basis, resulting in the pair leaving their cabin alone.The pair both appeared on the reunion show admitting they now have an 'incredible friendship', but despite viewers wanting more, it looks like there is no romance between these two.

Joel and Jess11 of 20
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Joel and Jess: Split

Day one seemed to get off to a great start for 22-year-old bin man Joel and 24-year-old Jess! After impressing Jess with his burgers (even if they weren't burnt), the pair decided to spend another night, with Jess even meeting Joel's brother via FaceTime. However, things took a VERY awkward turn on day two. Clearly realising they weren't sexually attracted, the pair tried to avoid each other in the cabin, before Joel packed his bags and left without saying bye to Jess. We have high hopes for these two!

Terelle and Amani12 of 20
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Terelle and Amani: Friends

Terelle and Amani first entered their cabin during Monday 11th January's episode and things got off to a slightly awkward start. After admitting she wasn't comfortable with sharing a bed on night one, Amani tried to hint that Terelle should sleep on the sofa bed downstairs, but after not picking up on her hints, it was Amani that found herself downstairs for the evening. Despite the slight awkwardness on day one, the pair seemed a little more chill with each other the next morning and decided to extend their stay for another night. But things seemed to be even more awkward on day two when the pair cooked separate meals, and ate them at different areas in the cabins.However, after Amani decided to sleep in the same bed on night two, the pair had a heart to heart but come to the conclusion they will be nothing more than friends. The morning after, the pair left the cabin separately. Despite things being incredibly awkward during their time in the cabin, on the reunion show, Terelle and Amani revealed they have got on a lot better in the outside world, with Amani admitting she sees Terelle like a brother.

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Loryn and Clint: Split

Clint's second stint on The Cabins arrived during the final episode of the series on Friday 22nd January, and it looked like he'd found something special with Loryn. After immediately hitting it off, the pair enjoyed some kisses and cuddles in bed, before leaving as an 'exclusive cabins couple' after just 24 hours. Although we had high hopes for these two, during the reunion show, the pair confirmed they are now over, with Loryn admitting she's back on Tinder.

Remi and Charlotte14 of 20
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Remi and Charlotte: Split

26-year-old model Charlotte and 28-year-old engineer Remi got off to a lovely start when they joined the show during Wednesday (13th January) episode! After Charlotte showed off her crystals, the pair enjoyed a dip in the not so hot-tub, before getting cosy in the bath. And their solid relationship continues into the next day, with Remi dishing out compliments to Charlotte. The pair decided to stay another night to get to know each other more, but after some deep chats in the hot tub, a tearful Charlotte realised she's not ready for another relationship just yet, admitting she's content on her own.After a tearful chat, the pair decided to leave the cabins alone.

Jordan and Eden15 of 20
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Jordan and Eden: Split

21-year-old Jordan has never had a girlfriend before, so his first date was literally on TV with Eden, but that didn't stop things getting off to a good start!The pair enjoyed some bubbles in the hot tub and sent a cute selfie to Jordan's mum, who was eager to know how his first date was going. Jordan showed he was a true gent he next morning, taking breakfast in bed to Eden. Later that day, the pair agreed to spend another 24 hours to get to know each other. Day two didn't get off to the best start for Jordan, after Eden advised she would like him to take the lead more, the 21-year-old set up a romantic massage for his date, to which she dismissed saying it's 'not her thing'. After a pep-talk from his mum, Jordan pulled things back by making a fort in the cabin, with the pair opening some fizz and enjoying a dance. Despite the pair writing letters for each other, where Jordan admitted he can't wait to see Eden again, she wasn't so keen, resulting in the pair leaving the cabin single.

Nina and Ade16 of 20
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Nina and Ade: Split

Nina and Ade got off to a good start when they first entered their cabin on Wednesday 21st January's episode, getting to know each other and even doing a bit of karaoke! With Ade telling his friend on the phone he really would like to kiss his date, the pair decided to stay another 24 hours to get to know each other. Ade got his wish the next day, with the pair enjoying a number of kisses and having fun in the hot tub whilst getting to know each other more. Nina and Ade decided to leave the show as an 'exclusive cabins couple'. However, on the reunion show, Nina confirmed the pair are no longer together, with Ade admitting he realised he didn't want anything too serious just yet.

Stuart and Ashleigh17 of 20
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Stuart and Ashleigh: Split

Land owner Stuart and Meghan Markle lookalike Ashleigh enjoyed their first day together, with the pair sharing a bed and enjoying some kisses and cuddles on night one. Unsurprisingly, these two both agreed to extend their stay for another night and enjoyed some deep chats about marriage around the camp fire on night two. However, after Ashleigh voiced her concerns about whether the pair have more of a friendship, the couple decided to stay one more night to see if that spark was really there. On their final day, despite having a great day and a lot of fun, Ashleigh revealed she thinks the pair are better off as really good friends, much to Stuart's disappointment. During their final chat, Stuart admitted he felt a little 'led on' by Ashleigh's behaviour, and asked if she thinks she's not allowed herself to develop feelings. Despite having high hopes for these two, the pair left alone.

Yani and Lovissa18 of 20
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Yani and Lovissa: Split

Things got off to a rapid start for Finish model Lovissa and Suffolk chap Yani when they first entered the cabins on Monday 18th January.After stripping off to their costumes for a dip in the hot tub, the pair enjoyed a steamy kiss before things started to turn a little awkward. With Lovissa quickly realising she had nothing in common with Yani, the pair chose to leave the cabins alone, despite Yani admitting he would have liked to stay one more night.

Katrina and Clint19 of 20
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Katrina and Clint: Split

26-year-old Katrina was a little wary after discovering Clint was only 24, admitting she's never dated anybody younger than her before.Despite this, the pair seemed to be getting along OK, with Clint even trying his best to cook for Katrina. But the model consultant later spoke to her friend and admitted she finds him more of a 'boy than a man'. Although Clint was up for another night in the cabin, Katrina said she can't see anything developing romantically, with the pair leaving alone.

Mae and Craig20 of 20
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Mae and Craig: Split

Mae and Craig joined the show on the final episode of the series on Friday 22nd January, with things getting off to a very frosty start. After telling Craig she doesn't think he has the same sense of humour as her, and admitting she doesn't like the version of herself when she's with him, unsurprisingly these two left single!

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Meanwhile, in a first for The Cabins, tonight's episode will see the return of a former star, as he gets a second attempt to find love on the show.

24-year-old Clint from Manchester, who appeared on the show alongside Katrina earlier this week, will be paired up with new girl Loryn as the pair have just 24 hours to find a spark.

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In other The Cabins news, Charlotte, who left the show in an exclusive couple with Sarah in week one, has revealed that the show came during the middle of a “major lifestyle change” as she lost four stone.

She has since lost another stone since filming and shared before and after pictures on Instagram.

Charlotte told fans, “Thanks guys for all of your support on #thecabins so far! Most of you seem to be intrigued on how much weight I’ve lost since the show! I’ve been on a major lifestyle change for a while now and lost one stone since filming and four stone altogether!

"Watching yourself on TV knowing you look different now is a challenge but you gotta love yo’self! But thanks for all of the positivity."

The Cabins Reunion: Out of the Woods will air on ITV2 at 9pm on Sunday 24 January.

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