Theo Campbell dumped his girlfriend to go on Love Island

don't they realise screenshot exists?


by Georgia Foxwell |
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It seems like whenever a new islander is introduced to the show, whatever scandal they left behind in t’normal world boils to the surface within a matter of hours of them entering into the house.

There also seems to be an emerging trend that whatever guy is thrown into the villa, he is gonna have some serious unfinished biz back at home… and that biz is almost certainly going to let the whole world know about it.

And we love it.

First came short-lived islander Craig Lawson’s ex-fiancée and mother of his child claiming he upped and left the country without so much as warning them and then news of Jonny Mitchell calling off an engagement with Lauren Baxter as she planned their wedding broke.

The latest islander to be put on blast by an ex is 25-year-old athlete Theo Campbell who quickly made waves in the villa, ticking all the boxes on the girls’ paper, however, according to his definitely now ex-girlfriend Chloe Demaret, he dumped her to go onto the dating show.

In a series of tweets she revealed how she was in complete disbelief that Theo was appearing on her TV screen.

Chloe even screenshotted some pretty soppy messages from Theo promising that Chloe is definitely not going to see Theo on the nation’s fave dating show schmoozing a load of bikini clad girls.


U been caught out, my friend.

She continued to expose the 400m sprinter who has his sights set on the Olympics by posting a Whatsapp convo where he pretty much begs her to come over, with Chloe flat out refusing. The pair also discuss his upcoming appearance on the show, with Theo saying he’s “only going for the payday” and urging his ex to “relax it will be funny.”

Woah. You almost have to admire the guy’s audacity.

Note to self, if we are ever thinking of going on a reality dating show- tie things up with all exes harmoniously and definitely don’t send any incriminating messages in the lead up?

Rookie error Theo.

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