Love Island: Toby Aromolaran is the chaotic character that all reality shows need

We want to take a deep dive into his mind

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by Hannah Mellin |

If you take a scroll through the Love Island hashtag on Twitter right now, you’ll see the show’s devoted fans labelling 21-year-old footballer Toby Aromolaran as the reality villain we all need in our lives. Yep, despite his womanising ways, viewers are coming around to just accept his baffling behaviour.

love island toby
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We’re not going to lie, we’ve had a lot of opinions on Toby throughout his time on the show, but his recent admission has almost transported him from bad boy to reality TV legend. Honestly, is he playing us all? Or is he just like a kid in a candy shop that just can’t resist temptation?

love island toby
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ICYMI, Sunday night’s teaser clip for tonight’s episode of the show saw Toby, who has just had his head turned by new girl Mary Bedford in Casa Amor mere days after ditching Chloe Burrows for bombshell Abigail Rawlings, admit that despite his head spinning around like the Kylie Minogue song, Chloe is the girl he’s thinking about the most.

In the teaser for tonight’s show, we hear Toby saying, "I'm in a bit of a pickle. I'm with Mary, brought Mary back. Didn't expect Abi to be by herself, she seems like she still wants to get to know me. But my head is with Chlo."

He’s created a Love Island SQUARE, something that no contestant has done before. Honestly, give him a BAFTA.

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Plot twist, or what? Is Toby finally seeing the consequences of his actions playing out in his mind? Has it taken almost four girls to make him realise that the grass is hardly ever greener?

Instead of blasting Toby for his awful decisions, Love Island viewers (and us at heatworld) have taken to social media to just laugh at the utter ridiculousness of Toby’s love life and we're here for it.

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One flabbergasted fan wrote, "I’ve fully 180-ed on Toby. He’s perfect. One of the most reliably unhinged people I’ve ever come across in my entire life #LoveIsland", while another said, "Toby is the most entertaining man to ever step foot into the Love Island villa, he’s so unpredictable it’s too funny #LoveIsland"

Another added, "Nah Toby is Love Island’s greatest villain ever ever EVER! #LoveIsland"

One viewer even admitted that if he can get Chloe back then he deserves to win the whole thing, "At this point, if Toby manages to pull it off and get back with Chloe, just give him the 50K and cancel the show. What a legend. #LoveIsland"

Is he messing with people’s feelings? Of course he is. Is he sorry? We genuinely think so. Is he TV gold? We hate to admit it, but yeah, he is.

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