Todd Grimshaw gets mugged in tonight’s Corrie!

Looks like the oily tyke will finally get his comeuppance

by Kay Ribeiro |
Published on

Look, we hate oily Todd as much as the next person but we actually feel a bit sorry for him in tonight’s Corrie as it looks like he’s going to get his head well and truly kicked in.

Todd’s been a bit of a sad case since Eileen, Jason, Tony and everyone with a pulse on t’street shunned him for a) be a massive tool and b) causing Tyrone’s accident. But he has been trying to make amends, defending poor Roy from those lame-o thugs who keep hassling him and, this evening, inviting Eileen out for dinner. In fact, he’s so excited about building bridges with his mum that tightwad Todd even orders some champers on ice. Shocking, right?

But when Eileen blows him out, Todd finds himself set upon by the young louts who demand his phone and wallet. Will the silver-tongued charmer be able to talk himself out of trouble or will they wipe the smarmy smile of his face - with their fists? Tune in and find out.

Coronation Street is on tonight on ITV at 7.30pm

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