Tom Jones dubs the talent on The Voice “sh*t”

Tom Jones called The Voice’s talent “sh*t”, then has to repeatedly tell people he was joking...


by Laurence Mozafari |
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Tom Jones has called the talent on the new series of the BBC’s The Voice “sh*t”.

Yep, the old prankster interrupted when the BBC show’s host Emma Willis asked about the quality of this year’s talent. began to reply, with: “The talent this year is... ” before the silver fox jumped in and added: “Sh*t!”

Questioned about his comment later, the Welshman said: “It just slipped out. I hope it wasn’t a Freudian slip.”

However, the show’s bosses wanted Tom to 100% clarify that it was a joke. Otherwise the show's most experienced and legendary judge just slammed the entire series before it's even been shown. Well, was it a joke Tom?

“When I said ‘s**t’ and then I said later on, because it’s a joke and I like to joke, ‘I hope it’s not a Freudian slip’, well that was a joke on top of a joke. So it was not a Freudian slip.”

OK, so it wasn’t just a joke, it was a joke on top of a joke. We’re just not sure if this joke is all that funny anymore. More of us will probably end up laughing if the talent does end up being “sh*t”.

Later on, was then questioned about why The Voice has yet to produce a bit star after THREE series.

He told The Sun: “It is the same situation in Australia and the States, pretty much the whole Earth.

“If I say why it is I may get into a lot of trouble.

"The format is a great format, the concept is the best and Universal (the music company which signs up The Voice winner) is an amazing label.

“But when the show goes off, there aren’t songs ready for people to sing and the time it takes you to record those songs... people’s attention span has gone.

“The window to hit should be, ‘oh my gosh, the winner, and here’s the hit’.

“It’s not the show’s fault, it’s not the artists’ fault. There is no project manager who is making sure you have the songs.

"That is the truth.”

“I think in time it will be figured out.”

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