Tom Powell’s ex-girlfriend Emma-Jane Woodham enters Love Island

Love Island Emma Jane Woodham

by Georgina Terry |

Tonight, the *Love Island *villa will be rocked to its very core.

A new girl is entering and she's TOM HOLLAND'S EX-GIRLFRIEND.

We chatted to Emma-Jane Woodham to find out exactly what she is expecting from her former beau.

"I think he’s gonna be shocked at first, and then panic will set in about what it will mean for him and Sophie (Gradon). And what it means for me and him."

Love Island Tom Holland

Because, Emma Jane told us, she thought she and Tom were going to get back before he went on the show.

"That’s definitely the route I think we were heading for. We last spoke literally a few days before he went in the villa, talking about our relationship and planning to meet up.

"I had no idea he was going on the show."

And despite thinking that she and Tom might have rekindled their romance, Emma-Jane told us that he was far from the perfect boyfriend.

Love Island Tom Holland

"There were times where he acted up and I could feel that immature, controlling and obsessive side that he has shown Sophie quite a lot.

"And he cheated on me.

"He was in contact with his ex-girlfriend and making very suggestive comments about how their relationship couldn’t compare to mine and his.

"He said several times that he missed her and that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever known.

"They had actually organised when they were next going to meet up."

Love Island Emma Jane Woodham

And despite looking pretty strong on the show, Emma-Jane doesn't think Sophie and Tom will last in the outside world.

"Newcastle to the town where Tom lives is very long way. And he is extremely controlling and so is gonna be very jealous of what she is doing that far away and so I don’t think it’ll last. Not after a few weeks, she’ll get sick of his tantrums and his immaturity."

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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