The Top 5 Nicholas Sparks’ Movie Adaptations

The Longest Ride is out NOW on DVD and Digital HD


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The Longest Ride, starring Scott Eastwood, is out NOW on DVD and Digital HD. The latest big screen adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ heart-wrenching love stories has got us thinking about all the times we’ve spent eating ice cream and crying to ourselves. Here are our top five…

The Lucky One
The Lucky One

In fifth place is The Lucky One

**Released: **May 2012

**Starring: **Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner

**What’s it about? **A marine survives 3 tours in Iraq and heads to Louisiana to find the woman he believes is his good luck charm.

A Walk To Remember

In fourth place we have A Walk to Remember

Released: September 2002

**Starring: **Mandy Moore and Shane West

**What’s it about? **Mandy Moore plays a bookish girl and Shane West is the ‘popular’ guy, Landon, they are thrown together when Landon is forced to do community service. Warning: it has THE saddest end ever.

Dear John

Up next we have *Dear John *in third place

**Released: **April 2010

**Starring: **Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried

**What’s it about? **This is a heartwrenching story about a soldier on leave, who falls for a homely college student.

The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride, out now on DVD, is in second place

**Released: **June 2015

**Starring: **Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson

**What’s it about? **Former bull-rider Luke and college student Sophia fall in love, but conflicting paths and ideals threaten to tear them apart. They find inspiration in Ira, an elderly man who reflects on his decades-long romance with his beloved wife.

The Notebook

Our first place has to go to The Notebook***. ***The film we’ve all cried over at least once after a break up.

**Released: **June 2004

**Starring: **Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

**What’s it about? **The age old story of poor man falls in love with rich girl, and they’re torn apart by their social differences – with a twist!

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