TOWIE’s Chloe Sims WADES INTO the Megan McKenna row

But does she side with Megs or the rest of the girl band?


by Georgina Terry |
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Chloe Sims is basically our wise queen of TOWIE.

Sure, she didn't know that pelvic floor exercises can help stop a lady peeing when she runs / laughs etc (side point: how did Bobby Norris know this?) but generally when Chloe speaks, she speaks sense.

And she's finally thrown her weight behind one camp in the great Megan McKenna vs. Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green fight.

In case you've been living in an ITVBe-less hole for the past couple of episodes: Megan was mega upset when she saw a social media snap of her BFFs Courtney and Chloe M on a girls night out with Lydia Bright and Chloe Lewis AKA Megan's sworn enemies.

TOWIE Megan McKenna Chloe Meadows

It lead to a massive showdown in a park, with Megan screaming at Chloe M that she was a shit friend.

But which side has Chloe S chosen? Well… it might be a bit of a surprise.

She's Team Megan.

We guess we shouldn't be that surprised, Chloe and Pete Wicks are super close.

And it does sort of feel as though the whole of Brentwood are against Pete and Megan ATM. Even Danni Armstrong is very carefully staying impartial.


Chloe S has no such scruples however, and BLASTS Chloe M and Court for betraying their pal.

Guess it might have struck a nerve with Chlo; remember when she and Lauren Pope fell out? We still hold out hope that they will reconcile one day.

Meanwhile, Pete and Chloe M have a set-to about the situation, oh dear.


But in slightly cheerier news, Jess Wright is back, woop! Albeit for a very sad reason.

*TOWIE continues at 10pm on Wednesday 3 August on ITVBe. *

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