TOWIE: James Lock admits he STILL has feelings for Danielle Armstrong

Talk about taking ya time, Lockie.

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In last night's DRAMA-FILLED TOWIE episode, Danni Armstrong definitely blocked her ex-boyfriend James Lock from her entire life.

danni armstong towie

She blocked him from every social media platform available, she blocked his business, his family and she blocked his pals.

Speaking to her best pal Ferne McCann (yep she’s back in town, hurrah), Danni sassily voiced that she is 100% done with James being in her life after months of trying to be friends, trying to make it work and just crying all the time.

So when Lockie FINALLY managed to admit to his best pal Pete Wicks that he hadn’t been honest about his feelings about Danni for ages, it’s clear to see that this love story is a looooong way off from finishing.

“I’m not going to try and pretend that I ain’t got feelings for her still. It’s bullshit because I do still have feelings for her.”



Meanwhile, this stuff happened too…


Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green have been extradited from TOWIE society**

chloe meadows courtney green tow

They weren’t invited to Chloe’s graduation because of all the agg with the girls and everyone, even the lads, have it in for ‘em.


Megan McKenna may have put her foot in it again**

megan mckenna towie

Her suggestion of an all girls weekend away made Kate Wright cry. We’ll come with you Megan.


Chloe Sims cooled things off with Jon Clark **

jon clark chloe sims towie

And pretended to be alright with it.


Pete and Megan are still exuberating sexiness**

They were on a hot date last night. MEOWWWWWW.

So those Pete cheating to Megs rumours were pure and utter rubbish.

*TOWIE continues on ITVBe on Wednesday. *

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