Former TOWIE Mario Falcone: ‘I bought my soul back from the devil’

The Italian stallion reckons he was TOO CLEVER for the show

mario falcone interview

by Georgina Terry |

Is that the smell of smoke?

Marion Falcone, former cast member of The Only Way Is Essex, seems to have well and truly burned his bridges with the show.

In news that came, frankly, as a complete shock to us, Mario has slagged off the show that made him a star AND said that he's too clever for TOWIE.

Shut up!

"I had to dwindle it down a bit when I did TOWIE," Mario told the Mirror.

"Once I said the word 'discombobulated' and the whole crew said, 'Mario you can’t say that', and I was like 'why'?

"They said: 'The people who watch TOWIE won’t know what you're talking about.' I confused Tommy Mallet!"

Yeah, that's probably not that hard though.

Mario went on to say that he has no regrets about leaving the show, and said: "I don’t do it anymore, I bought my soul back from the devil."

Despite being back as recently as LAST CHRISTMAS.

The Only Way Is Essexmas


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