TOWIE Preview: Ferne and Jake argue AGAIN and is Lydia getting back with Arg?

Drama, drama, drama.


by Jennifer Read-Dominguez |
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It's all kicking off in tonight's episode, over on ITVBe at 10pm.


towie episode 12

Arg reaction to Lewis1 of 11

Arg reaction to Lewis

When Lewis passes on Lydia's confession to Arg, he's ecstatic.

Bobby, Billie, Ferne shots2 of 11

Bobby, Billie, Ferne shots

Billie, Ferne and Bobby attempt to get in shape with Marbs with some unsavoury shots.

Danielle with Lauren3 of 11

Danielle with Lauren

A remorseful Danilelle later stops Lauren in the street to apologise for her comments in Wales.

Elliott and Chloe chat4 of 11

Elliott and Chloe chat

Elliott and Chloe's relationship remains in limbo.

Ferne argues with Jake5 of 11

Ferne argues with Jake

Ferne argues with Jake AGAIN.

GemmaElliott pedicure6 of 11

GemmaElliott pedicure

Gemma meanwhile shows Elliott what he'll be missing if he leaves for Spain when they have an Essex pedicure together.

Lauren with Danielle7 of 11

Lauren with Danielle

Lauren is furious about Danielle's comments about her in Wales.

Lewis threeway call8 of 11

Lewis threeway call

Having confided in mum Debbie about her state of mind, Lydia calls Lewis to get his take on Arg.

Lydia and Debbie9 of 11

Lydia and Debbie

The future is uncertain for Lydia who begins to question her current relationship and renewed feelings for Arg.

Lydia talks to Georgia and Tommy10 of 11

Lydia talks to Georgia and Tommy

Lydia talks to Georgia and Tommy.

Lydia threeway call11 of 11

Lydia threeway call

Lydia calls Lewis to get his take on the situation - but with Lewis on the phone to Arg at the same time, an awkward threeway ensues.

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