TOWIE Preview: Gemma Collins snogs Lewis Bloor! MIND BLOWN.

Yes, you read that right.


by Jennifer Read-Dominguez |
Published on

There are several things that blow heat's mind, like the “YKK” on your zipper standing for “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha”. WOAH!

But when we're not talking about zips and the meaning of life when we're inebriated, we're talking about TOWIE.

And this week? The Lewis Bloor and GC snog – MIND BLOWN.

You won't want to miss tonight's episode.

There's drama, more drama, and even more drama in tonight's episode, over on ITV2 at 10:20pm.


towie episode 8

Arg with Fran and Diags1 of 16

Arg with Fran and Diags

Argument - Tommy vs Diags2 of 16

Argument - Tommy vs Diags

Chloe and Elliott with Dan E3 of 16

Chloe and Elliott with Dan E

Chloe L with Mario4 of 16

Chloe L with Mario

Diags shouts at Tommy5 of 16

Diags shouts at Tommy

Diags vs Arg6 of 16

Diags vs Arg

Ferne with Danielle and Gemma7 of 16

Ferne with Danielle and Gemma

Gemma and Ferne8 of 16

Gemma and Ferne

Jess and Dan E9 of 16

Jess and Dan E

Lewis and Jake10 of 16

Lewis and Jake

Lewis confesses to Mario11 of 16

Lewis confesses to Mario

Lewis kisses Gemma12 of 16

Lewis kisses Gemma

Mario at gym13 of 16

Mario at gym

Tearful Chloe14 of 16

Tearful Chloe

Tearful Ferne15 of 16

Tearful Ferne

Tommy and Georgia in bed16 of 16

Tommy and Georgia in bed

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