Tulisa releases video for comeback single Living Without You

The star's video is out ahead of the single release


by Owen Tonks |
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Tulisa has been making a big fuss about her comeback single for weeks now, but the singer is back and has released the video for her song Living Without You.

The former X Factor judge is joined by a familiar face in the promo in the form of her ex-boyfriend and N-Dubz bandmate Fazer.

While ol' Faze lends his keyboard skills to the video, Tulisa rubs the fact they’re no longer together right in his face by draping herself all over another bloke as she sings to him against the backdrop of glittering city lights and a starry night sky.

The star then pushes the suited man aside and magically finds herself in a white room wearing a glamorous dress on a photoshoot.

She then heads outside to join some scantily clad male dancers by the pool where she proceeds to, somewhat strangely, sit on one of them before laying in a hedge and singing to the camera, as you do.

Heading back inside, she sports some leopard print underwear whilst dancing with a few more blokes before, without explanation, finding herself in a car with the reflections of camera flashbulbs going off in the window.

Perhaps the meaning behind the video and the link between the scenes is open to interpretation but at least the song is pretty catchy…

GALLERY: Tulisa's Living Without You video


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