Twitter confuses innocent teenager Bobbie Beale for FICTIONAL Lucy Beale killer Bobby Beale, because: THE INTERNET



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Were you surprised that Bobby Beale was revealed as the killer of his sister Lucy Beale in last night’s live EastEnders?

Yeah, sure, it might have made more sense if it was Ian’s wife Jane Beale or even Lucy’s dad Ian himself, but no: it was sweet, innocent little Bobby. Or "the shifty little mug", as Mick Carter actor Danny Dyer called him after the show.


But someone who is even more stunned is a poor unsuspecting girl in America who has the same name as the ‘Enders murderer.

"Shifty little mug"
"Shifty little mug"

Bobbie Beale, who lives in California and whose name is spelt differently from the EE character, started getting tweets from people on Thursday night, accusing her of killing Lucy.

Some fans of the BBC soap may have got a little too caught up in the programme as the line between reality and fiction blurred for them, with one tweeting the US teen: “Why did you kill Lucy?” Wow.

Posting a confused response, Bobbie tweeted: “Why are 3 people from Scotland that I don’t know, tweeting me about killing someone named Lucy…”

She added: “I’m scared for my life about my last tweet.”

Taking things even further, a few people became way too enraged, with one even calling her the C-word for her completely-not-real-at-all murderous ways.

In a twist to the Twitter saga, the US Bobbie Beale has a dog named Lucy, just to make us laugh confuse our heads even more.

Bobbie told BuzzFeed: “I was definitely confused. I saw the BBC tweet it, and then I realised.

“I looked up the show and I thought, oh, this makes sense now, but at first I was really confused because I thought it was a real-life thing and I thought Bobby Beale killed someone and I was like, ‘It’s not me!’”

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Trina Johnson, Sept 20091 of 26

Trina Johnson, Sept 2009

When Lucas Johnson came to Albert Square, he seemed like a nice religious chap. But he wasn't. Instead, he was a serial killer who went around bumping off numerous folk, including his ex-wife Trina, who he (sort of accidentally) impaled on a rake. Ouch.

Owen Turner, Nov 20092 of 26

Owen Turner, Nov 2009

Classic case of DON'T TELL THE KILLER YOU ARE ON TO THEM here. Denise's ex thought it was a good idea to confront Lucas over Trina's death. It was actually a really bad idea – Lucas strangled him and buried him in the Square.

Archie Mitchell, Dec 20093 of 26

Archie Mitchell, Dec 2009

We all thought Archie was a silver fox – until we found out he was actually a TOTAL wrong ‘un. After a merry-go-round of dodgy familial relations, he finally got his comeuppance when Stacey Slater introduced his head to the bust of Queen Vic.

Sugar, Feb 20104 of 26

Sugar, Feb 2010

It's a dog's life – or death in this case. When the pooch started threatening to dig up Owen's body, Lucas took her for a final walk. In the canal.

Rob Grayson, Aug 20115 of 26

Rob Grayson, Aug 2011

Another very bad lad, the seemingly charming Rob wooed Whitney but was soon pimping her out from a dodgy old flat. When she escaped to Southend, he followed but ended up being rugby tackled off the pier by Whit's brother Ryan.

Heather Trott, March 20126 of 26

Heather Trott, March 2012

Poor old Hev. Just as she finally found happiness with a new beau, the curly-haired bezzie of Shirl found herself being bludgeoned with a photo frame by Ben Mitchell. RIP.

Michael Moon, Nov 20137 of 26

Michael Moon, Nov 2013

Mean, moody and, let's face it, pretty blooming bonkers, the conniving boxing club owner fell foul of serial spouse killer Janine Butcher, who quite literally stabbed him in the back.

Carl White, Jan 20148 of 26

Carl White, Jan 2014

This dodgy dealer had beef with almost all of Walford, so no one missed him when Ronnie Mitchell decided to bludgeon him with a car boot lid.

Emma Summerhayes, Jan 20159 of 26

Emma Summerhayes, Jan 2015

Sometime GF of Max Branning and not-very-good copper Emma was close to unmasking the killer of Lucy Beale. Unfortunately, they needed to spin the story out a bit longer so Emma ended up being run over by Roxy Mitchell after Nasty Nick Cotton sabotaged the car, taking her secret to the grave.

Jase Dyer, Aug 2008u25a1u25a110 of 26

Jase Dyer, Aug 2008□□

Double-crossed his boss Terry Bates to pay for his wedding to Dawn. Terry and his gang beat him to death. Bye bye Jase.

Pauline Fowler, Dec 200611 of 26

Pauline Fowler, Dec 2006

Dramatically collapsing and dying in the middle of the Square, hatchet-faced matriarch Pauline kept viewers guessing for two months before her husband Joe confessed to thwacking her with a frying pan. It’s a miracle it didn’t happen sooner, to be honest.

Danny Moon, March 200612 of 26

Danny Moon, March 2006

Mentally ill gangster Danny knocked his brother Jake unconscious and marched Phil and Grant Mitchell into the woods to kill them. But Jake woke up and shot his brother with his own gun, meaning to disable him. Whoopsie!

Dennis Rickman, Jan 200613 of 26

Dennis Rickman, Jan 2006

Egged on by Phil, Dennis beat Johnny Allen almost to death. Almost: Johnny survived and speed-dialled a hitman (later revealed to be Danny Moon) who stabs him to death. At New Year’s Eve!

Den Watts, Feb 200514 of 26

Den Watts, Feb 2005

An affair with Zoe was the last straw for Dirty Den's wife Chrissie. Though Zoe struck the first blow with an iron doorstop, Chrissie delivered the coup de grace. Then buried him (temporarily) under the Vic.

Andy Hunter, Feb 200515 of 26

Andy Hunter, Feb 2005

Replaced Jack Dalton as head of The Firm but met his match in Johnny Allen, who he tried to con out of £750k. Johnny pushed him off a motorway flyover. That’ll do it.

Paul Trueman, Dec 200416 of 26

Paul Trueman, Dec 2004

Reluctant drug dealer Paul informed on his boss Andy and ended up shot for his troubles by a hit man disguised as a cab driver. Should have got an Uber.

Barry Evans, Jan 200417 of 26

Barry Evans, Jan 2004

Evil Janine Butcher married the “terminally ill” Barry for his money, then, when she discovered he wasn’t ill after all, shoved him off a cliff and got away with the cash. Poor Baz.

Jack Dalton, July 200318 of 26

Jack Dalton, July 2003

Head of a gangster syndicate called The Firm, he met his end at the end of a gun wielded by Dennis Rickman, who he had previously ordered Phil Mitchell to murder. Which serves him right, really.

Ashley Cotton, June 200119 of 26

Ashley Cotton, June 2001

Not strictly a murder – Ashley crashed a motorbike that his father Nick Cotton had sabotaged in the hope of killing Mark Fowler. But try telling a magistrate you didn’t mean to murder one, just one.

Ethel Skinner, Sep 200020 of 26

Ethel Skinner, Sep 2000

Eight years after euthanising Willy the pug, Ethel went the same way, her suicide assisted by her oldest friend, Dot Cotton. Karma?

Arthur Fowler, May 199621 of 26

Arthur Fowler, May 1996

Hapless Arfur was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, only to get his head bashed in with a lead pipe during a prison riot the day before his release. He died a few days later on the allotment he loved so much…

Willy, May 199222 of 26

Willy, May 1992

Much-loved pug Willy was executed on the orders of his owner, Ethel. Well, he was put down. Either way, he died before his time.

Eddie Royle, Sep 199123 of 26

Eddie Royle, Sep 1991

Just like Reg, Eddie was killed by Nick Cotton in the progress of a robbery (come on ’Enders, show a bit of imagination). Clyde Tavernier got the blame at first till an eyewitness came forward.

Reg Cox, Feb 198524 of 26

Reg Cox, Feb 1985

Discovered unconscious in Episode One having been beaten almost to death by Nick Cotton while trying to steal his war medals. Died in hospital before he ever said a televised word.

Lucy Beale25 of 26

Lucy Beale

Saskia Duncan, Feb 199926 of 26

Saskia Duncan, Feb 1999

Steve Owen’s ex blamed him for making her abort their baby; she attacked him with a champagne bottle, he hit her with an ashtray. Steve and DJ Matthew buried her body in Epping Forest.

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