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You know that feeling when you’re not quite sure if something happened in real-life or if you've had one of those scarily realistic dreams.

Did Idris Elba really ask us for coffee the other morning or was it just a cruel, cruel trick of the mind? We're still not 100% sure.

Anyway, for us Tyra Bank's 2000 Disney film Life-Size was one of those films you discuss with your friends during a wine-filled trip down memory lane, but you're not entirely convinced you didn’t actually make the whole thing up.

It told the story of a young girl, Casey Stuart (Lindsay Lohan), who's doll Eve (Tyra Banks) comes to life and after a fractious start (Casey was trying to resurrect her dead mother and the spell went wrong leaving her with a life-size, real-life doll instead) the pair form a firm friendship and it's just all-round great.


It's not just a dream. It's actually happening.

Apparently, the film has been in development since 2012 and Tyra's not only reprising her role as Eve, but is also an executive producer.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Tyra revealed: "Five years, four scripts, and finally we realized, Eve needs to grow up."

She continued: "She's been around for a while. She's been alive for a while. She needs to grow up and experience more adult things. So, you're going to see a very different Eve on Freeform."


The new film will air on Disney's Freeform, catering to a slightly older audience then Disney Channel, meaning those of us who loved the original won’t feel a bit sad tuning in to watch with our 12-year-old niece (not that that's ever stopped us before, tbh).

According to OK!, while Tyra has said she'd love Zendaya to star in the sequal she's not yet reached out to Lindsay to return to her role. She said: "I love Lindsay.

"I have not [reached out to offer a cameo], but I think it would be interesting. I have to talk to my producing partners. I think it would be interesting, right? That was my girl back in the day!"

SOOOOO, when can we expect to see this epic sequel hitting our screens?

Umm, well it looks like we've got a bit of a wait as Life-Size 2 will apparently premiere on Freeform at Christmas… in 2018.



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