The Vamps have some advice about your boyfriend in new video CHEATER

The Vamps want to be your new bf

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by Maria Vallahis |
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The Vamps want to talk to you about your boyfriend - he's a "dead-end" - and although it might make you cry, they think he's got a "secret" and that he's lying to you.

The boys also think you should know what he's capable of - he's got another girlfriend.

YES, shock horror! But never fear, because The Vamps want to step in and be your NEW boyfriend.


    So maybe it's not as bad as you think and it won't turn out too bad, and although *everybody *knows it, perhaps he'll leave and you'll be with these four wonderful lads?

    OK, calm down...while all of the above is not true, it's all the doings of the above NEW music video of the foursome's - it's called Cheater and they're definitely talking about someone's bf.

    Anywho, you should watch it and let us know what you think via @heatworld Twitteror Facebook.

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