Vicky Pattison takes on Gaz Beadle in heat’s Brussels sprout condom stuffing challenge!

Are you bored of festive TV and your grandma regaling stories about the price of the Christmas ham in her day?

by Ellie Henman |
Published on

Well, we are – so we’ve decided to share one of our favourite heat challenges EVER to a) save us from Nana and b) to give you an excuse to put in your headphones and drown it all out…

Say hello to Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison and Gaz Beadle who went head to head to see who could stuff the most Brussels Sprouts into a condom in 60 seconds.

Sounds easy, eh? But that sticky spermicide can make it a little tricky.

That’s right, kids. Vicky’s false nail WAS in that condom but she didn’t get any extra points unfortunately, so Gaz was the winner.

And remember their wise words, you never win without a skin.

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