VIDEO: Watch an epic video of deleted scenes from Sex And The City

For real, guys


by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

It’s just come to heatworld’s attention that a video exists with deleted scenes from Sex And The City.

Yes, we know. We’re having quite a moment, too.

Obviously, this means that we get to watch more footage from the show without enduring any more nightmarish films, which is perfect in our books.


    In the video, you’ll see Carrie Bradshaw describing herself as an “old slag” to Stanford (Carrie! Don’t talk like that about yourself!).

    Aidan Shaw also features – revealing to Carrie that he lost his virginity to someone called Mary Elizabeth when he was 15.

    And best of all? Trey MacDougal turns up at Samantha Jones’ pool party (the one where she throws a watermelon through a window, oh YES) and bumps into Charlotte York – when she’s with Harry Goldenblatt, post back wax incident.

    Unfortunately Smith Jarrod doesn’t feature. Sad face. But there is lots of other good stuff, so get watching, pronto.

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