Joey from FRIENDS was almost played by THIS Hollywood actor

How YOU doin', Vince Vaughn?

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It's hard to imagine a hungover Sunday spent without watching about 508520 hours of Friends on repeat.

And while we struggle through the various stages of our self-imposed, semi-still-drunk-semi-nauseous state, and we question whether we'll imminently see the light and be taken out of our hellish limbo, we often experience a rollercoaster of emotions where we find ourselves simultaneously fancying Joey and being utterly enraged by his sheer stupidity in most social situations. His pizza always looks really appetizing too.

Joey Tribbiani

Anyway, what we're trying to say is we really can't imagine feeling all those kinda feels about anyone other than Matt LeBlanc as the lovable buffoon, Joey Tribbiani.

But it turns out Matt wasn't always the only man for the job as Vince Vaughn was actually considered for the part at one time.

He was apparently eventually turned down by casting director Ellie Janner back in 1994.

Vince then went on to play Trent Walker in the film Swingers a character who boasts a few similarities to our fave Italian New Yorker, Joey. Trent is a serial womanizer who, like Joey's famous 'How YOU doin'', has his own catchphrase 'That's So Money!".

Joey Tribbiani

PLUS Vince's Swingers co-star Jon Favreau (who actually wrote the film and played character Mike Peters) also turned down a role in Friends.

What are the chances, eh?

Jon's name was thrown about when casting for Joey's best mate Chandler Bing. Could that BE any more of a coincidence!?


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