Watch Drake kick a football and SMASH a lamp to pieces!


by Maria Vallahis |

Drake may be a good rapper but oh dear, his football skills are TERRIBLE.

Usually people avoid playing football indoors so things like smashing glass and windows doesn't happen.

Well, for Drake - he shouldn't play football anywhere, EVER.

He was recently filmed playing football in the court outside, at what may be his house, and he take one HUGE stride and SMASH there goes a lamp.


The camera then pans back to Drizzy who just shrugs his shoulders at the mistake. Oopsie.

Drake kicks the ball, someone else yells 'ohhh' and then after he smashes the lamp, Drizzy yells "goooooal" - someone tell Drizzy that doesn't count.

Better stick to the day job, love.

We wonder what his rumoured girlfriend and tennis champion Serena Williams would think of Drake's poor sporting skills?

Apparently Serena and Drake are back on and they've even been seen "making out" together.

Following Serena's win on Sunday at the Women's Tennis Association, the pair went for a celebratory dinner and this is where the rumoured kissing was said to have happened.

The pair were also rumoured to have dated back in 2011 - rumours which the tennis champ denied.

According to* TMZ*, Serena thinks she and Drake have a "good vibe" together, while sources close to Drake agree by suggesting things are "different this time".

Jorgie Porter in FHM:


Jorgie Porter in FHM

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