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We're not ashamed to admit that The Worst Witch was, and remains to this day, our favourite ever programme. No show has ever been so relatable (here are all the reasons Mildred Hubble is literally us, btw), and we still find ourselves getting annoyed by at the behaviour of that absolute nightmare Ethel!

We've been getting all nostalgic recently finding out what the cast of Zoey 101, Lizzie McGuire and Sabrina The Teenage Witch are up to, so we thought we'd see what The Worst Witch actors doing in 2018...


The Worst Witch cast: where are they now?

Georgina Sherrington (Mildred Hubble) then1 of 14

Georgina Sherrington (Mildred Hubble) then

Georgina played the Mildred Hubble, who tbh is the most relatable character of all time. Read more about why she is quite literally all of us here.

Georgina Sherrington (Mildred Hubble) now2 of 14
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Georgina Sherrington (Mildred Hubble) now

After the show ended, Georgina moved to the USA and studied at Princeton University. She now works for the BBC Drama commissioning team.

Emma Brown (Maud Moonshine) then3 of 14

Emma Brown (Maud Moonshine) then

Emma played Maud Moonshine, Mildred's best and far more sensible friend.

Emma Brown (Maud Moonshine) now4 of 14
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Emma Brown (Maud Moonshine) now

Emma didn't continue acting after the show finished, but here's her having a reunion with Georgina in 2016.

Felicity Jones (Ethel Hallow) then5 of 14

Felicity Jones (Ethel Hallow) then

Felicity played that absolute nightmare Ethel Hallow, who frequently taunted Mildred and tried to get her expelled. We hated her.

Felicity Jones (Ethel Hallow) now6 of 14
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Felicity Jones (Ethel Hallow) now

In true straight-A Ethel style, Felicity Jones has done extremely well for herself. She's starred in The Theory Of Anything (getting her an actual Oscar nomination), A Monster Calls, and our personal favourite - CHALET GIRL.

Jessica Fox (Enid Nightshade) then7 of 14

Jessica Fox (Enid Nightshade) then

Jessica played Enid, one of Mildred's close friends, who's good-natured despite often getting the gang into trouble.

Jessica Fox (Enid Nightshade) now8 of 14
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Jessica Fox (Enid Nightshade) now

Jessica has played Nancy Hayton on Hollyoaks since 2005

Holly Rivers (Drusilla Paddock) then9 of 14

Holly Rivers (Drusilla Paddock) then

Drusilla played Ethel's best friend / ally, who eventually sacrifices their friendship after taking Mildred's side in series 3.

Holly Rivers (Drusilla Paddock) now10 of 14
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Holly Rivers (Drusilla Paddock) now

Since leaving the show, Holly continued acting and also became a TV presenter.

Joanna Dyce (Ruby Cherrytree) then11 of 14

Joanna Dyce (Ruby Cherrytree) then

Joanna played Ruby, another member of Mildred's gang who frequently engaged in ill-fated scientific experiments and the like.

Joanna Dyce (Ruby Cherrytree) now12 of 14
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Joanna Dyce (Ruby Cherrytree) now

Joanna is now a professional dancer, and has performed on The X Factor, and with Girls Aloud and Taylor Swift!

Kate Duchu00eane (Miss Hardbroom) then13 of 14

Kate Duchêne (Miss Hardbroom) then

Kate played the terrifying Miss Hardbroom, who frequently disciplined Mildred and the gang.

Kate Duchu00eane (Miss Hardbroom) now14 of 14

Kate Duchêne (Miss Hardbroom) now

Kate continued acting after leaving the show, appearing in a large number of theatre productions, as well as some television.

Whilst we have witches on the brain, the brand new reboot of Sabrina The Teenage Witch has just been released on Netflix! The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as it's now called, has been delighted fans, both old and new. The new show is based on one particular series, which tells the story of Madam Satan – Sabrina’s dad’s ex – who’s returned from hell to reap her revenge on the Spellman family.

A far cry from Sabrina’s teenage dramas at Westbridge High and her on/off romance with the adorbz Harvey Kinkle.

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