Cheryl Fernandez-Versini chose to bring X Factor contestant Chloe-Jasmin Whichello back to final six ‘under influence of show bosses’

The star's decision was unpopular with the arena audience but it seems it may not have been entirely her own choice


by Owen Tonks |
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What would life be without a little spice? And what would the X Factor be without a touch of controversy? Well, err, it would be the X Factor but we wouldn’t have as much to shout at the telly about.

Said controversy didn’t take long to surface this weekend after we were treated to the first Friday night episode of the series.

During the show Cheryl Cole, sorry, Cheryl Fernandez-Wotsherface was forced to make a tough decision and so tough was the choice that her life and her short marriage to that French bloke who looks a bit like her mum flashed before her eyes.

The former Girls Aloud star had to pick the final six contestants for her category and couldn’t make up her mind whether to keep Chloe-Jasmine Whichello or rival Orla Keogh.

Chezza originally sent Chloe home but opted to bring her back and send Orla home instead prompting the audience to erupt into a thunderous boom of boos and jeers.

But it seems the decision may not have been down to Cheryl alone – she reportedly changed her mind after being given a bit of nudge by show bosses.

An insider told The Sun:

“Cheryl had axed Chloe despite Simon Cowell begging to keep her. It was only after the producers went to see Cheryl that she suddenly changed her mind.

“The mood in the audience was already pretty toxic and after that it looked like there was going to be a riot. Tensions were high.”

The discussion with X Factor execs apparently went on in full view of the arena audience but, let’s be honest, it wasn’t our ears the producers were whispering into. They could simply have been asking Cheryl is she wanted a strawberry milkshake with a gold encrusted straw or if she fancied nipping out for a quick vajazzle.

After making her decision, Cheryl told Chloe: “I want someone who can do something different each week, you have that for me.

“I want versatility in my group. If I had six girls in my group who can all do the same thing, it would be boring. That’s why I want you in my top six.”

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