Did The X Factor’s 5 After Midnight just diss Louis Walsh?


Louis Walsh

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This series of The X Factor has been SO BLOODY DRAMATIC we're literally probably gonna cry when it finishes because life will be BORING AF (we already cried a lil bit when Honey G left this weekend and EVEN MORE when we saw this lovely note she left her fellow contestants).

But CBB will soon follow it and dry our tears – see the full line-up HERE.

5 after midnight the x factor 2016

The latest bit of potential dramz concerns our new fave boyband (other than One Direction, obv) 5 After Midnight, as they seem to have (maybe?) dissed their mentor Louis Walsh.

When asked by if they are worried about the future, they replied: "Not really. As long as we've got each other, we're cool.

"Louis's not going to need to support us afterwards because hopefully things will just kick off for us," they continued to Star magazine.

"His main advice has been that song choices are key.

"If we're not connecting with the song then we find a different one."

Won't need Louis anymore? CRY CRY CRY CRY.

louis walsh

In other news, did you see that Honey G thinks she'll be as big as One Direction?

We too have that plan.

She said: "I'm kind of looking to come in at the level that One Direction came in at. I know that I can create that hype.

"I just need the opportunity to be able to sell the records, get the right PR behind me, get the right team behind me that's really going to blow me up," she continued to The Sun.

"I entered The X Factor because I wanted a record deal. I'm not really interested in anything else apart from getting signed to get a record deal."

Simon, PLZ give this gal a record deal. PLZ.

She could make more tracks about how good she is in bed.

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