Simon Cowell: “If it’s us vs Peter Andre on Strictly – I’ve got to put my money on us”

Simon thinks X Factor will beat Strictly Come Dancing in the rating wars


by Selina Maycock |

It wouldn’t be reality show season without the usual battle for ratings between X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. And this year is no different.

When Simon Cowell was asked if he’d seen the Strictly line up and whether he thought X Factor could beat it in the ratings, he asked: “Who’s on the show?”

Peter Andre’s name was mentioned, prompting Simon to ask: “And who’s the worst? Peter Andre? I hate to say yes because it will come back and haunt me but I feel X Factor feels better, the talent is great, they’re interesting. So if it’s us VS Peter Andre I’ve got to put my money on us.”

This year Judge’s Houses will be live and we’re told locations will be both in and outside the UK. And, to make the ratings war even more juicy, there will be “no unavoidable clashes” between X Factor and Strictly.

An X Factor spokeswoman explained: “ITV has the Rugby World Cup this autumn and some of those matches are on Saturdays so we have a slightly different pattern to our schedule. We hope there will be no unavoidable clashes with Strictly, so where it is possible for us both to schedule separately we hope that the BBC will find themselves able to avoid us.”

Lets hope we don’t have to toss a coin to see which show we’re going to watch on catch up.

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