Everything you need to know about The X Factor’s The Cutkelvins

From Shereen's Neon Jungle days to now

The X Factor's The Cutkelvins

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If you've been watching this series of The X Factor (if not, what are you doing with your weekends?) you'll no doubt have fallen a teeny bit in love with The Cutkelvins.

The band sort-of-fronted by former Neon Jungle star Shereen Cutkelvin impressed judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne so much they've bagged themselves a coveted spot at the show's bootcamp stage. But did you know Shereen's old girlband actually did loads of ridiculously cool stuff? Stuff like performing alongside Taylor Swift in New York? Like releasing a top 10 UK album? Like managing to get the words 'feta' and 'lettuce' in a song?

Yup, allow us to give you an education in The Cutkelvins and Shereen's popstar past.

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Shereen The Cutkelvins The X Factor
©Neon Jungle/ITV/YouTube

Who are The Cutkelvins?

The Cutkelvins are siblings Shereen, Jay and Kyle Cutkelvin straight outta Lanark, Scotland.

How old are The Cutkelvins, then?

24-year-old Jay's the oldest, Kyle's 23 and Shereen's just 20.

What was The Cutkelvins' first X Factor audition?

The band went for a bit of Naughty Boy, Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin's Runnin' (Lose It All) and it went down an absolute storm with the judges. Have a watch below:

But wait, wasn't Shereen Cutkelvin in Neon Jungle?

She was indeed. Signed to Sony Music's RCA label Shereen released a self-titled album with bandmates Amira McCarthy, Jessica Plummer and Asami Zdrenka. Their debut single Trouble reached number 12 on its release in 2013; but follow-up Braveheart was the biggie.

Shereen The Cutkelvins The X Factor
©Neon Jungle/ITV/YouTube

Braveheart reached number 4 and is an absolute ANTHEM

Seriously, give us one other song that managed to incorporate the Japanese language, a rap referencing 'feta' and 'lettuce' and such a batshit bonkers drop in 3 minutes and 50 seconds. We'll wait.

Didn't they perform alongside Taylor Swift, too?

Damn right, they did. The girls actually performed Trouble at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York in 2013. Don't believe us? Just watch:

Where are Neon Jungle now?

Jess now has a year-old son, Amira's a model for the likes of Dr. Martens and Asami released a solo covers LP alongside her modelling projects. Doing alright for themselves, then?

Oh, and yes they are still mates. LOOK, Jess even tweeted in support of The Cutkelvins:

What are The Cutkelvins' Instagram handles?

The Cutkelvins: cutkelvin612

Shereen: shereencutty

Jay: jaycutkelvin

Kyle: kyle_cutkelvin

So there you go. Pretty much everything you need to know about The Cutkelvins and Shereen's Neon Jungle days.

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