The X Factor’s Hannah Barrett: ‘Nicole Scherzinger threw a bottle of water at me… because I was doing a good job’

What?! Can't you get in trouble for that sort of thing, Nicole?!


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Before you start getting worried about the treatment of those poor X Factor hopefuls, let’s just clear this up – Nicole Scherzinger threw a bottle of water at Hannah Barrett in a good way.


Hannah revealed that whenever she was doing something good in rehearsals, Nicole would chuck something at her.

Well whatever works for you, Scherzy…

Asked about the positives and negatives of working with the former Pussycat Doll, latest X Factor casualty Hannah told The Sun: "The only negative I have is that every time I did good she'd take something and throw it at me.

Nicole and her boyf Lewis Hamilton
Nicole and her boyf Lewis Hamilton

"You have to kind of stand there. At first she threw a bottle of water at me and I caught it and she was like 'No you're not supposed to catch it, you're supposed to let it hit you!'

"And I was like 'well I'm not going to let it hit me'.

"She's really weird! It's a good thing, it means a good thing, she tries to miss you."

But despite 35-year-old Nicole's bizarre bottle-chucking behaviour, Hannah said she will definitely keep in touch with the singer.

She said: "Me and Nicole talk all the time. We always email each other. She's always checking on me, seeing how I'm doing and everything.

"She loves me, she's always there for me. Any time I need help I always go to her.

"She encourages me. She's always telling me it's not the end.

"Any time I need to speak I talk to her, I Skype her, call her, email her."


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